At the Yucaipa City Council conference on Jan. 11, the council approved the days for the eighth yearly Yucaipa Music and also Arts Festival (YMAF) come be held Friday, might 7, native 6 to 10 p.m. And also Saturday, may 8, native noon to 10 p.m.

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Historically, YMAF is a three-day event, however, as result of low attendance on Sundays, employee recommended that the event readjust from three days to 2 in stimulate to far better serve the community, vendors and surrounding businesses.

Community solutions Supervisor mar Johnson said, “The entertainment score of every Music and Arts Festival has actually been to secure high caliber title acts featuring a variety of music category to draw local visitors come the event and also to historic Uptown Yucaipa.”

Johnson continued to say, “In stimulate to book high caliber entertainment in time for ours festival, city staff has actually been researching and finalizing talent since November 2020, with the Yucaipa Performing Arts facility (YPAC) committee.”

The YPAC entertain Committee approved a perform of potential talent because that the YMAF.

Friday, may 7, opener - Yucaipa Rockin’ Youth Studio - youth team band; opener - Femme Halen - valve Halen tribute band; and also the headliner Aeromyth - Aerosmith tribute band.

Saturday, might 8, opener - from the west Sons - local country band; opener - Temecula roadway - neighborhood county band; and also the headliner LOCASH - nation music duo.

In the comes weeks, staff will secure entertainment for two added stages and also complete the layout.

Johnson said, “City employee is likewise working on various other city events and also will return to council in ~ a later day with an ext details.”

City Manager ray Casey added, “This is every contingent top top the governor’s guidelines gift updated by then. We certainly think that to be the case. We hope because that it but it is contingent ~ above that.”

Councilmember Justin Beaver said, “I think you every did a great job securing LOCASH.”

Mayor agree Tem Bobby Duncan asked, “I’m not sure what you simply said, therefore we space going to go ahead and also give a deposit to these bands and if the governor decides we can’t do it, what space we walking to perform then?”

Casey said, “The contract establish there will certainly be a potential the the COVID-19 guidelines will certainly not permit us to have actually the event and also we can withdraw indigenous the contract, number one. And number two, hopefully the is a leg that us don’t need to cross however the presumption is that the guidelines will readjust by May and also we’ll be able to have an occasion like this. There may be some modifications.”

Casey continued with, “The difficulty we have actually collectively, is that, together you know, planning because that the Music and Arts Festival in May, start in November. So it started with the entertain subcommittee authorizing employee to relocate forward v the uses for these bands. We can’t wait till February to have those conversations with the bands or we will certainly never be able to have the occasion in May. We have to plan for the finest case scenario. The full council had authorized the entertain committee to execute that process.”

Councilmember David Avila request if the city might potentially shed a deposit.

Director of ar Services Megan Wolfe said, “Staff will continue to work-related with Harbour Productions come make certain that the commitment that we sign, before signing, that it states we will not lose our deposit if COVID-19 regulations execute not permit us to have actually the event.”

Mayor Greg Bogh, that is on the committee said, “We have to setup in development and i wish it could be an ext definitive. That tough and I’m hoping they (the state) will certainly lift the ban sooner 보다 later.”

The fiscal year 2020/2021 adopted budget had estimates for YMAF revenues in the quantity of $56,000 and expenses in the quantity of $125,000 because that a net impact to the general money equal to the lot of $69,000. The expense of the entertainment provided above is in the amount of $50,850 leaving a balance that $74,150. The staying expenditure will certainly be supplied to covering the price of infrastructure, to chat on alternate stages, production and also advertisement.

On Jan. 11, city the supervisory board authorized the city manager come execute an covenant with port Productions for headline entertainment because that the 2021 YMAF. The title entertainment LOCASH and Temecula Road evidenced that a refundable deposit to be not easily accessible should the event be canceled due to state and also county COVID-19 restrictions. However, the artists space willing to enable a postponement/second power date, should the YMAF be canceled. A potential 2nd date because that LOCASH and also Temecula roadway will be Saturday, Oct. 9, in ~ the annual AutumnFest.

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Should the 2021 AutumnFest be canceled because of state and also county COVID-19 restrictions, the city will shed the deposit of $22,550 for the headliner band.