I"ve been obtaining this message for three days when trying come download Flipboard app. Is the business overloaded or something?

It asks me to set and answer 3 security hints then says to shot later.

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Hey i tried this from my iphone phone 4S. I"ve experienced comparable issues prefer this since an initial using my trident-gaming.netID waaay back in the day together they say, especially because iPhone <1> & every time it needs to do through a tiny quirk with your trident-gaming.net i would & payment Info. Here"s what ns did on my iphone phone 4S yet is very same with practically ALL iPhones & iPods & essentially the same w/the iPad too & all trident-gaming.net gadgets using iTunes. It"s one of those things so an easy it"s complicated-for united state veterans anyways & for those of you more recent to this just know it"s fundamentally the same-just a little bit different as much as the user interface of getting to that from each different yet an excellent trident-gaming.net device:). Anyways, here"s what ns did on my iPhone, expect this helps;

1) click on settings

2) walk to Store setups -or- trident-gaming.net keep Settings

3) click "View apologize ID"

a) go into your trident-gaming.netID password once prompted

4) now click payment method

5) pick "None" as defined above

b) then pick "save" or "done"

6) back-out totally now like your walking to usage your iPhone/device together usual

7) find your app Store application & select/open it

8) find for & select a free app you choose -or- a paid one, doesn"t matter yet

9) go into your trident-gaming.net i would password once prompted & it will AGAIN take it you come the 3 concerns thingy (technical term;))

10) select your 3 inquiries & their answers accordingly

11) currently I left the rescue email or every little thing it"s dubbed if otherwise empty but ns don"t think that matters together my friend gone into hers while we did this with each other on our different accounts & in the finish both methods worked.

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Again i doubt it has anything to perform with that-it"s around some kinda scrub in the device needed or every little thing (scrub sounds good/appropriate/like ns actually understand what I"m talk about;) -which i think ns do right here actually however;))

12) hit "Done" on key-board pop-up thingy (that technology term again;))

a) climate hit "Done" or "Save" at top left of window/screen &

If you DL"d a complimentary app;

A pop-up will certainly say you have the right to now DL the app "Such-n-So" (or every little thing it"s name is)

a) go earlier into settings & re-enter your cc info under Payment method in app Store setups in settings & Voila! an excellent as new!

If friend DL"d a paid app or selected to do so I have to say;

A pop-up will ask you to go into your payment an approach CC info

a) go into your cc details again & confirm your billing address info & ingredient at bottom in situation different than your trident-gaming.net id one then get in your cc billing attend to info & if same as trident-gaming.net id one then check it anyway;)

Voila! A pop-up will certainly say give thanks to you...yada yada! & your application DL will start as usual.

Hope this helps- I"m as optimistic as I have the right to be ~ experiencing comparable but never really major situations favor this since it all began. Best of luck come you all!