You"re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa! A (totally unironic) fanblog for the epos drama The Room by Tommy Wiseau. Look, ns don"t wanna talk about it.

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You’re tearing me apart, Lisa! - Tommy Wiseau, The Room.

There you go, the reaction gif you’ve constantly wanted.

the room tommy wiseau johnny you're tearing me personal lisa tearing me apart permit me tell friend something about this gif filmmakers nowadays use orange and teal hues to do movies prettier so many blockbusters you check out nowadays are mostly orange and also teal and also then there's tommy who has actually to obtain head end heels into whatever so tommy goes orange and teal no enough! i'll usage RED!!! the initial was monochrome red ns shit you no I could change the red hue to blue and also the entire gif rotate blue took me half an hour merely to provide it a bit much more colour
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Nov 24th, 2017
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'The Room' Stars Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero Reunite for new Film

Thirteen years after the release of the cult standard "The Room," the film"s stars Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero have actually reunited for "Best F(r)iends."







Life has definition again!

tommy wiseau greg sestero the room ideal f(r)iends
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Tommy Wiseau was confused around the differences in between 35 mm film and also high-definition video so he decided to shooting the whole film in both styles simultaneously utilizing a custom-built apparatus the housed both cameras side-by-side and also required 2 crews come operate. (x)

The Room (2003)

the room tommy wiseau
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gal pals

A The Room fanfic

words: 599

rating: general

read ~ above AO3

„But why don’t you want to marryJohnny anymore?” Michelle asked.

“Because ns don’t love him. I’m inlove through Mark,” Lisa answered. She took out the baguette from her groceries’bag and also put that on the table. “I don’t want to marry Johnny. That is boring.”

“Do you periodically wonder why wekeep repeating the same phrases over and over?” Michelle mused quietly, beforeshe included louder, “My suggest of check out is so various from yours. Just how is computerbusiness, by the way?”

“Competitive,” Lisa replied. “Asalways. It’s tough to makemoney. I hope ns can gain someclients soon.”

“Right currently you’re tho dependenton Johnny,” Michelle said. “I don’t think it’s a great idea for you to throwthat all away.”

Lisa bowed under to the bag andtook the end a box of green tea. “Johnny can’t fulfill me,” she said and placed thegreen tea top top the table alongside the baguette. “Why should I work out for one guywhen I have the right to have all the men in the world?” She took out a jug of jam native thebag. “You wouldn’t understand.” She inserted the jam top top the table. “You’re inlove v Mike.”

“Still, Johnny is a good guy,”Michelle said. She patted the sofa next to herself to obtain Lisa come sit down fora change. The totality unpacking procedure took ages and started come unnerveMichelle. “And he has actually a most money. And clearly he doesn’t even an alert whenhis fiancée is cheating top top him. You must marry Johnny and also then execute whateveryou desire with men by the side.”

Lisa sat down. “But ns don’t lovehim. I’m in love with Mark.”

“Look, you can’t constantly getthings the means you want them,” Michelle said. “I favor Mike, sure, yet I lovesomeone else.” She blushed.

“Who perform you love?” Lisa asked,although she wasn’t yes, really interested. As quickly as the story didn’t revolvearound her, she didn’t watch a factor to listen correctly anymore.

“Well,” Michelle said and also blusheda bit more, “I’m in love with you, silly.”

Suddenly Lisa looked up andstared in ~ Michelle. Michelle returned the stare apprehensively. Climate Lisaleaned forward and also kissed Michelle.

That moment Johnny come in thefront door.

“Oh, hi Michelle,” the said. “Isee you girls are having a an excellent time. It’s great to view Lisa has such a nicegal pal.”

“Yes, that’s specifically what’shappening,” Michelle said. She stand up. “I have to go. Lisa, remember what Itold you.”

Lisa take it Michelle’s hand. “Idon’t want to. Screw money. Screw everything. I want to execute what ns want.”

For a moment Michelle looked surprised. Shetilted her head as she taken into consideration Lisa’s words.

“Lisa, I would really like somepizza,” Johnny said. “Have you ordered pizza already?”

Lisa jumped up. “You can’t expectme come think that everything!” she yelled angrily. “I am leaving you, Johnny. Ns amgoing through Michelle.”

“Alright,” Johnny said. “I willorder the pizza. Probably Danny desires to come over and keep me company. Don’t comehome also late, darling.”

Lisa didn’t listen to him. Shedragged Michelle through the hand the end of the house and also onto the street. Michelle hadn’t quite recovered fromher shock yet, however slowly a cheerful smile crept right into her face.

“He have the right to keep his money!” Lisa cried. “And hisdresses and his red roses and also his everything! never ever again will I have to lookat the bumpy ass ofhis. And also I don’t treatment what mom says. Let’s crap ‘em all and also go top top anadventure!”