You’re walking the not correct Way!
John liquid in “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”

“Sometimes you have to gain off monitor to find a far better track.”

– Robin S. Sharma

I assumed I experienced Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the grocery store the various other day.

But considering he’s been dead 6 years, the would have been rather the feat.

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And yet…I challenge say ns gleaned vital message indigenous the incident.

Let me back up a moment…

One of my all-time favourite movie is “Planes, Trains & Automobiles.” It was directed by man Hughes and starred john Candy & Steve Martin.

If you’ve viewed the film, you may recall the hilarious scene once the character played by man Candy is driving down the wrong next of the highway. He has actually no idea he is on the wrong next of the road and the character played by Steve Martin has actually just woken up, so he has no idea either.

But there is a husband and wife in an nearby vehicle, who are driving under the correct side of the highway, madly do the efforts to acquire their attention by screaming the end the window: “You’re walk the wrong way!”

John Candy’s personality tries to overlook them…they’ve obviously been drinking – due to the fact that how could they recognize whether he is going the wrong method or not? castle don’t understand where he is going! He share this wonky reasoning with Steve Martin’s character, who agrees…at first.

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The panicky couple, the course, to be right. The was walk the not correct way.


If you want a laugh, here is the two-minute clip