Closing Time :: Semisonicfrom the album, Feeling strangely FineDirected by chris Applebaum

Closing Time is a tune by American alternative rock band Semisonic. It to be released in march 1998 as the lead single from your album Feeling strange Fine. Among the band’s most renowned songs, the was written by Dan Wilson and created by Nick Launay. The song was nominated because that the Grammy award for finest Rock Song in 1999. It reached # 1 top top the Modern rock Tracks.

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The book So you Wanna be a absent & role Star by Semisonic’s drummerJacob Slichter indicates that the track was written partly in an answer to the anxious, and at times precarious, state of the band during the opened of Wilson’s brand-new bar, The Rehab Lounge, which closed in late 2008; however, Slichter has also indicated that the track was composed by Wilson “in anticipation of fatherhood“, and also that it is around “being sent out forth from the womb together if by a bouncer clearing out a bar”.

Closing Time continues to be a renowned song at bars when they are prepared to fill it up. Over there no mistaking the message: “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” Semisonic vocalist and songwriter Dan Wilson told The Hollywood Reporter in a 2010 interview: “I really believed that the was the greatest destiny because that ‘Closing Time,’ that it would be provided by all the bartenders, and it to be actually. The still is. I operation into civilization all the moment who tell me, oh I operated in this one bar for 4 years and I heard your song every single night.”

Wilson defined in an interview with American Songwriter that he wasn’t consciously make the efforts to create a song about the bear of his an initial born child, but it became evident as that was composing the tune. Claimed Wilson: “I was initially trying to create a track to finish the Semisonic reflects with. We had constantly ended v a song dubbed ‘If ns Run,’ and also I really preferred it a lot. John and also Jake, the various other two members the the band, were constantly impatient with finishing the show with the very same song. So I set out to compose a brand-new closer because that the set, and also I just thought, ‘Oh, close up door time.’ because all the bars that ns would frequent in Minneapolis, they would certainly yell out ‘closing time.’ There was one bar whereby a guy always would scream yes, really loud, ‘You don’t need to go home, but you can’t remain here,’ and I guess that always stuck in my mind.”

It has actually been declared that the repeated phrase “every brand-new beginning comes from some various other beginning’s end” to the roman philosopher Seneca the Younger.

So I began writing this song and also it’s just, ‘Okay, you’ve acquired to walk out into the light, do your means home, or wherever you’re going come be.’ Part method into the creating of the song, ns realized it was also about being born. Mine wife and also I to be expecting our first kid an extremely soon after ~ I created that song. I had birth ~ above the brain, ns was win by what a funny pun it to be to be bounced native the womb.”

The music video clip (see above) features two continuous shots, to run side by next on the screen. One side mirrors the band playing the track in a rehearsal space. The various other side functions a woman (played through Denise Franco), who is playing the component of the singer Dan Wilson’s girlfriend. As the video progresses, Dan and his girlfriend switch political parties of screen, together they attempt to meet up. At the finish of the video, they both wind up in ~ the very same nightclub. However, castle still end up absent each various other by only seconds and also never meet up. The “trick” the the video is the each shot was done together one long, consistent shot, through no cuts or editing, and therefore depends on proper timing during the filming to gain the two sides that the video lined up properly.

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Editor’s Note: The emotion of the track reminds me of my days (and nights) working in retail document stores and that overarching tension and also impatient power that fills anyone on a transition when the is closeup of the door time, and you space still wait for the critical ones to leave. The is a combination feeling the deliciousness and agony, the wait, knowing that a temporary “freedom” has practically arrived.