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Giygas (Japanese: ギーグ Gīgu) is the main antagonist that the video clip game EarthBound. His illustration in the video game is unknown up until the final battle where the is shown as a red ghoul. The character has end up being popular amongst fans due to his dark, creepy appearance and also dialogue the is contrary to the irradiate mood that the game, inspiring numerous works of pan art, video clip edits and also memes express him.

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Although his EarthBound equivalent is most linked with the name, Giygas originally appeared as the final boss of Mother, which was just sold in Japan.<1> In Mother, Giygas is shown as an alien v a human-like figure trapped within of a covering (shown below, left). In EarthBound, Giygas is incapable of speaking sanely, saying things such as, "It harms …" and also "Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness," (shown below, right). In both Mother and EarthBound, the player"s party is i can not qualify of beating Giygas through fighting and must song a lullaby in the former and also pray in the latter game.

In one interview v EarthBound Central,<2> Shigesato Itoi, Mother"s creator, stated that Giygas" creepy dialogue and also appearance in EarthBound was influenced by a traumatic minute in his childhood, whereby he by chance walked into a theater showcasing the movie The armed forces Policeman and the Dismembered Beauty, witnessing a scene which he interpreted as murder and rape (shown below).


Aside native the main protagonists, Giygas is the most popular character in Earthbound. The character is notable as the darkness starkly contrasts the rest of the game"s glowing atmosphere. A DeviantArt<3> search for the term uses over 5,400 outcomes for pan art (top-rated examples shown below).


A once-common theory surrounding Giygas was that it was actually a deformed human being fetus in EarthBound, with several videos and images mentioning a information in his sprite the seem come resemble a child (shown below). However, this theory has been denounced by other fans, stressing the truth that he to be an alien in Mother, who had actually his very own race.


The concept is discussed in a 2019 YouTube<6> video clip by press Start To proceed (shown below).

"You Cannot master The True kind Of Giygas" Attack!"

"You Cannot understand The True form Of Giygas" Attack!" is a line of text displayed during the Giygas battle. ~ above April 13th, 2008, YouTuber<4> Megaman765 posted a video titled "You Cannot understand The True form Of Giygas" Attack!," consist of of looping clip of Giygas over Giygas" layout music and also voiceover analysis the lines of dialogue that appear during the fight, garnering end 82,000 views in 13 year (shown below).

Over the food of the following years, a variety of videos parodying the Giygas fight through titles parodying the phrase were uploaded to YouTube, many featuring distorted clip resembling the basic look the the Giygas fight over various remixes the "Giygas Theme" (most-viewed examples presented below, left and right).

continued Spread

On January 4th, 2019, YouTuber<5> Shiromi consisted of the fight as the very first example in their video clip "Evolution the Scary Nintendo boss Battles (1994 – 2018)," garnering over 2.2 million see in 2 years (shown below).

On February 10th, 2021, Twitter<7> web page
spongecaps2 posted a parody SpongeBob SquarePants title card analysis "it hurts" end a background consisting of Giygas, garnering over 29,000 likes and also 5,300 retweets in 3 months (shown below).





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