This short article helps friend troubleshoot the No standard subscriptions error blog post in the Azure portal as soon as you try to purchase a reservation.

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Select Add and then select a service.You see the complying with error message:

No standard subscriptions You do not have any eligible subscriptions to acquisition reservations. To purchase a reservation, girlfriend should have actually owner or preventive purchaser permission ~ above at least one subscription the the adhering to type: Pay-as-you-go, CSP, enterprise or customer Agreement.


To buy an Azure reserved instance, girlfriend must have actually at the very least one subscription the meets the complying with requirements:

The subscription should be a supported offer type. Sustained offer varieties are: Pay-as-you-go, Cloud systems Provider (CSP), Azure Enterprise, or customer Agreement.You have to be an owner or preventive purchaser top top the subscription.

When friend don"t have a subscription that meets the requirements, you"ll get the No standard subscriptions error.

Cause 1

The subscription should be a supported market type. Supported offer varieties are: Pay-as-you-go, CSP, Azure Enterprise, or client Agreement. Her subscription form isn"t one that"s supported. When you pick a subscription that has an offer type that doesn"t support reservations, you watch the complying with error.

Subscription no eligible because that purchaseThis subscription is no eligible for reservation advantage an can not be offered to acquisition a reservation.


Cause 2

You need to be one owner or reservation purchaser on the subscription. When you don"t have enough permissions, you watch the adhering to error.

You do not have owner or preventive purchaser access on the subscriptionYou can only purchase reservations utilizing subscriptions on which you have actually owner or reservation purchaser access.


If your current offer doesn"t support reservations, you need to create a brand-new Azure subscription.If you don"t have accessibility to an present reservation, you have the right to get accessibility to that from the current owner.

Solution 1

To buy a reservation, you need to produce a new Azure subscription that supports reservations.

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Solution 2

To obtain owner access to a reservation, you should get accessibility to either:

The reservation order that the reservation to be purchased withThe reservation itself

The present reservation stimulate owner or reservation owner deserve to delegate accessibility to you making use of the complying with steps.

To enable other human being to regulate reservations, you have two options:

Add a user as billing administrator come an Enterprise covenant or a client Agreement: