SpeakerExplanationA TRS connector is offered for audio connectors such as speakers and microphones.Keyboards usage either a PS/2 connector or a USB connector. Joysticks typically use a USB connector, though some attach through a DB-15 connector. Monitors use one of the countless graphic ports, such together a VGA port, DVI port, or HDMI port.

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You purchased a brand-new LED monitor for your computer. Top top the back of the screen you watch the following port (pictured below).Which form of cable need to you use to affix the screen to her computer?
DisplayPort cableExplanationThe pictured port is a DisplayPort, and uses a DisplayPort cable. DisplayPorts are used by HD displays, such together LED and also LCD monitors. DisplayPorts deserve to be determined by their rectangular shape, through one beveled corner.HDMI ports have actually two beveled corners and also are a little bit smaller 보다 DisplayPorts. VGA ports have three rows of 5 pen holes. DVI ports are bigger than other video ports and have up to 24 pin holes.
You space connecting one older, dot procession printer come a computer. The printer"s cable is a D-shaped connector v 25 pins.Which port kind does the printer affix to?
ParallelExplanationA D-shaped, 25-pin connector connects come the parallel port (DB-25 port) the a computer. Parallel connectors are offered with older devices, such together dot matrix printers.Serial ports have nine pins and are offered with serial gadgets (e.g., barcode scanners). VGA ports have 15 pins ( 3 rows of five pins) and also are used with VGA monitors. USB harbor are rectangle-shaped in shape and are generally not offered with larger devices.
You are offering telephone assistance for a user who is make the efforts to affix a computer system to a projector. You recognize that the projector only has a VGA port.How would you describe the connector the the user need to look for?
D-shaped through 15 pins.ExplanationVGA ports, also called DE-15 ports, are called for their characteristic D-shape and also 15 pins.A D-shaped port through 25 pins explains a parallel ports. A round port with 6 pins describes a PS/2 port. A rectangle port v one beveled corner describes a DisplayPort.
Peripheral gadgets use particular connector types to attach to a computer. The following connector varieties are pictured:HDMI- used to send high-quality, digital video clip and audio signals to LCD monitors and also HDTVs.Fiber S/PDIF- supplied for house theatre systems or Dolby Digital surround sound systems.IEEE 1394- supplied to attach devices that need fast interaction speeds, together as video cameras and external difficult drives.VGA (DB-15)- provided by analogue monitors.DVI- supplied by digital monitors, does not carry audio.RJ45- provided by Ethernet network adapters and also other networking devices.USB- provided by USB gadgets (e.g., exterior storage devices)RJ11- used by dial-modemsTRS jack- offered by analogue audio devices (e.g., speakers and headphones)
MotherboardPrinterExplanationThe physical components that compose a computer system system or network. Typical hardware contents include the following:Keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer.Connectors and also cables.Hard decaying Drives.Circuit boardsInstructions or data that space stored electronically, either on a difficult drive or a special chip. Software components include the following:Operating systemsProgram applicationHardware drivers (special programs the tell the operating system how to use the hardware)
Which computer role takes data with a collection of steps as identified by a set of instructions?
ProcessingExplanationProcessing is the circulation of data with a collection of actions as defined by a collection of instructions.Storage is the action of conserving or maintaining data. Calculation is the procedures of presenting, displaying, or offering data. Networking is the exercise of connecting 2 or much more computers.
You have to replace a damaged monitor on a desktop system. You decision to replace it through a spare monitor that wasn"t gift used. Even though the monitor is make by a various manufacturer 보다 the desktop computer computer, it still works with the computer.Which computer architecture concept renders this possible?
StandardizationExplanationStandardization allows components from various manufacturers to be interchangeable. If a component meets the specified standards, that will work-related in the computer-- regardless of manufacturer. Componentization means that a computer system is a combination of number of constituent components that can be quickly replaced by a field=replaceable unit (FRU). Firmware is a special kind of software that has actually been embedded in the memory of a hardware component. Plug and also play allows devices to work with computers without the need for added configuration on the computer.
ScannerMicrophoneKeyboardExplanationThe movement of data or regulates to the internal computer system hardware. Input devices include:KeyboardTouchscreenScannerDigital cameraMicrophoneRAM is taken into consideration a processing device. A monitor and also keyboard are considered output devices.
Each computer system hardware component performs a specific function.Touchscreen, microphone- InputCPU, RAM- ProcessingHard disk drive, DVD-RW- StorageSpeakers, printer- OutputRouters, switches- Networking
USB AExplanationA computer mouse is most commonly attached to a computer using a USB A connector. 6-pin mini-DIN connectors were provided to connect a mouse in the past, however mini-DIN connectors space not used today. DB-15 connector through two rows is generally used for joysticks. The DB-15 connector with three rows is used for connecting CRT monitors to the video card. The RJ-45 connector is provided fro Ethernet network connections. USB B connectors are generally used for connecting printers and also scanners.
You space looking in ~ a high-density (three-row) woman DB-15 connector ~ above the computer as displayed in the number below. What an equipment uses this connector?
VGA/SVGA monitorsExplanationA VGA/SVGA monitor provides a high-density (three-row) mrs DB-15 connector ~ above the computer. Serial devices, together as exterior modems, attach to a masculine DB-9 connector, IEEE 1284 parallel devices, such as printers, affix to DB-25 connectors. USB storage gadgets use USB connectors.

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You room helping a customer over the call who needs to attach a monitor that provides a digital interface. I beg your pardon port should you instruct her to look because that on the earlier of she PC?
DVIExplanationModern digital monitors usage a DVI connector (typically DVI-D or DVI-I). Serial DB-15 connectors are offered for external serial gadgets such as modems. DB-15 3-row connectors are used to attach older analogue SVGA monitors. Firewire 6-pin connectors are supplied to affix firewire tools such as exterior hard disks and video cameras.