Name:Woodforest nationwide Bank, 0561 ft Wayne Indiana Branch Full organization Retail Office
Review:111 customer reviews
Location:1710 Apple valley BoulevardFort Wayne, IN 46804Allen CountyView various other Branches

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111 customer reviews of Woodforest National financial institution scored 3.5 out of 5.

Friendly Staff, really Welcoming
as whole Rating attention Rate and Cost Office setting & employee Waiting Time other Servicesby comenichia2ben, Sep. 21, 2021I haven't been with this bank really long, but every time i visit, it's constantly the same. This location, turn off of freedom Blvd, provides me feel like part of the family, no issue when ns visit or who's working. This branch isn't also the closest place to me, yet I gladly go out of my method for this staff. Their energy is the same as once I to be a new customer simply browsing, together it is now, and also I've been here over 3 months. The set us procedure was smooth, the employees all were very forthcoming, welcoming, complete of energy, and also just in its entirety professional and polite. No matter who's functioning that day, I receive the very same energy, they even know me through name and also call the end to me, make it much more of one experience. They'll asking me an ext than just the continuous "how are you", they make the initiative to actually remember me and get to recognize me, asking about my dogs, how's institution going, and other such things that show me the they're yes, really paying attention and also here for me. I've never been for this reason happy with a financial institution or it's experience before, ns will absolutely keep returning. Thank you and also keep increase the an excellent work!!* this reviewer has actually be with this financial institution for * this reviewer had actually 3 - 5 banks before.* this evaluation was do on Woodforest nationwide Bank, 0812 Matthews Wal-Mart Branch in ~ Charlotte, NCWas this review valuable to you? Yes, No Report Abuse

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Handling that Deceased Relative"s Accounts
all at once Rating
Office setting & employee Waiting Timeby NoMoreWoodforest, May. 18, 2021My mam was appointed independent executor by Montgomery ar courthouse for her deceased brother's estate. She acquired her letter the independent administration from same court. She previously dubbed Woodforest bank in Willis to ascertain the procedure to close her brother's accounts, she was told come simply bring in the court documents and also it might be completed upon that visit. The is one hour and a half drive indigenous our home to Woodforest Bank. We appeared at bank and also presented lock the exactly court documents and also were denied accessibility to her deceased brother's account. She was told that the Woodforest legal team would have to review the documents and that we would certainly be educated when to return. Why didn't they notify us of this policy, we wasted a expedition to Willis. It was no a great day gift treated favor this, us will certainly NEVER usage or recommend Woodforest Bank.* this reviewer has be with this bank for 3 - 10 years* this reviewer had 6 - 10 financial institutions before.* this evaluation was do on Woodforest nationwide Bank, 0307 Willis Plaza Branch at Willis, TXWas this review beneficial to you? Yes, No Report Abuse

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You must leave Woodforrest alone , it the douch bags who are making tge accounts that room crooked . Timber did not make the account . Peggy timber Sterioti is turning you all in .
Great service Friendly employee but... all at once Rating interest Rate and Cost Office atmosphere & staff Waiting Time other Servicesby JennieSez, Apr. 25, 2021It's come to be a hassle to go once they room open.I work a lot and the reason I opened my account over there was due to the fact that they were open 7 days a week and decent hrs each day.Now, they space closed Sundays, have brief hours the remainder of the week.They don't open until I'm at work and also to be honest the hrs seem to it is in constantly changing.Not cool, not cool in ~ all. * this reviewer has actually be through this bank for 3 - 10 years* this reviewer had 6 - 10 banks before.* this evaluation was do on Woodforest nationwide Bank, 0142 Harrisburg Illinois Branch in ~ Harrisburg, IL1 the 1 people found this testimonial helpful. Was this review advantageous to you? Yes, No Report Abuse

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Bank is pitiful. No constant hours indigenous branch to branch. I will certainly pull my money the end in respectable 2021 and bank in other places in Kernersville NC. Castle are just in 17 states
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