The Witcher 3: Wild hunt is a 2015 Open-world, activity role-playing game arisen by CD Projekt. The video game is a sequel to the Witcher 2 and is the third addition come the series. Upon its release, the game was greatly appreciated because that its impressive graphics and open world. Also, the well-written story and also side searches make the an even an ext amazing video game to play.

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Script Compilation Error Witcher 3

A most Mods also became obtainable for the game, but recently a the majority of reports have actually been coming in that a “script compilation error” the occurs when you apply certain mods come the game. In this article, we will comment on the reasons of the error and shot to resolve them action by step.

What reasons The manuscript Compilation Error?

The error occurs just if you shot to usage mods in the game, there could be 2 different causes to the error

Mod Versions:  The variation of the mode you space trying to install might be “1.30” and also the version of the GOTY is “1.31”. Also if no script compilation errors happen you could still watch a problem with the gameplay due to the fact that the “1.30” version of mods just override several of the functions of the “GOTY 1.31 ” variation of the game.Mod Conflicts: If girlfriend have much more than one mods mounted they might be conflicting through each other especially if lock have various versions, i.e if one mod variation is 1.30 and the other’s is 1.31 then they can be causing conflict with every other.

The remedies to these troubles will be questioned below and also we will certainly make certain you deserve to use every one of your mods with your video game without any type of trouble.

Solution 1: update Mods and Game.

As us discussed prior to if her Witcher 3 game is updated come the latest GOTY edition and also the mode you space using room of the “1.30 version” climate you can see a script compilation error or have problems with specific features of the game. Also, if your game is no on the “1.30” or “1.31” version even then these concerns can arise if modding. To settle this

First of all, install the base gameOnce you have actually downloaded all the patches put them all in one folder.First download the  Day 1 Patch, to do so just dual click ~ above the patch.exeDouble-clicking the day 1 PatchThis will open up up a pop-up Click ~ above UpdateClicking on UpdateThis will automatically install the Day 1 Patch For her Game.Repeat this procedure for all the other Patches (install all of them in order)After you room done, your video game will have actually been updated to the 1.31 version and also now you might have obtained rid of the script compilation errors due to the video game version.Now make sure that the mods that you are downloading and install are that the 1.31 variation for them to work correctly.

Note: Skip The action 14 if friend don’t desire to download each mode again and try the 2nd solution.

This process should resolve all the variation related disputes within the mods and also with the game if the error still persists then you should move on come our following solution.

Solution 2: using the unification Patch.

If you do not want to update your mods and the mods and the games have various versions 보다 you should apply the marriage Patch that was released later to solve these conflicts. Listed below we will apply the patch action by step.

Once downloaded, Copy both the “Content”  and also the “Mods” in your game folder.Copying the content and the mode folderMake sure to select Copy and also Replace.

Note: Make certain you update the video game to that latest variation before using this solution, the process has been described in the ahead solution.

Solution 3: Merging mode Scripts

Not every one of the Witcher 3 mods are compatible with each other and also sometimes provide rise to problems which result in the scripts compilation error. We will certainly be fixing this difficulty using software application which permits for the script to be combined together and also solve the problems we will certainly be going over the step by step procedure below.

Run the Script MergerRunning the manuscript ManagerSelect her Witcher 3 catalog by clicking “”Selecting Witcher 3 directoryNow click on refresh in Conflicts and it will tell girlfriend the problems in the mods.Clicking top top RefreshNow select the Mods and Click top top Merge Selected ScriptClicking on merge Selected ScriptNow It will tell friend the number of Conflicts in the scripts and the ones that it has resolved automatically likewise the people that should be solved manually. Click on OKClicking top top OKNow as you have the right to see ~ above the peak words A, B and also C  room visible, they room the surname of the three columns. Also, listed below you deserve to see the calculation columnThe Columns inside the manuscript managerThe yellow Lines show the disputes that require to be fixed manually so in order to resolve those on the Output Column we role down and search because that the line that says Merge Column  and is emphasize in yellow and Right-Click on it, currently we have to see in the A, B and C  columns and also see in which column actual password is highlighted in yellow. In this case that is in the C columnUsing lines from obelisk C

So, we click on Select Lines native CNow as you can see the lines indigenous the column  have instantly been used and the dispute is solved currently click on File and also SaveSaving our changes
Now nearby this home window and friend will watch a blog post that says Merge Finished  just click on OKClicking top top OKNow the conflict between those mods has actually been solved.

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Note: If friend have more than one manual dispute repeat the above process until every the conflicts are resolved

This process solves all the conflicts that arise between the script of the 2 mods by merging with each other their scripts and making sure that the combined script enables you to usage both the mods together without any conflict. Make sure you try all the options in order due to the fact that if not it could give climb to even more problems through the manuscript of the game.