This is a guide to the search titled damaged Flowers indigenous The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for info on missions and possible rewards, and also useful tips and strategies because that completing the quest.

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Novigrad Dreaming Broken Flowers Get Junior

Alternate courses to obtain Into Var Attre Villa

Cliff Path

Follow the wall surface on the left side of the villa until you see the point of view statue below you. Walk down and also follow the cliff path. Girlfriend will must jump a gap and also climb up ledges to get inside the garden

Sewer Path

Go to the grate next to the stairs located south of the villa.

Which horse to pick for the steed Race

Pick any of the Horses

When Morvran difficulties you come a horse race, you might pick native 4 horses: Cantarella, Nemrod, Chestnut, Zerrikanian bay. You may pick any of them as they all have actually the same stamina and speed. The only distinction being your color.

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All act 1 Quests


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Quest TitleLocationSugg. Level
6The Nilfgaardian connection Velen5
7Bloody Baron Crow"s Perch6
8Ciri"s Story: The King of the wolves Lindenvale5
9Family problem Crow"s Perch6
10A Princess in Distress Blackbough5
11Ciri"s Story: The race Velen5
12Ciri"s Story: the end of the Shadows Abandoned Tower5
13Hunting a Witch Midcopse5
14Wandering in the Dark Byways6
15Ladies the the timber Crookback Bog6
16The Whispering Hillock Ancient Oak5
17Ciri"s Story: Fleeing the Bog Crookback Bog5
18Pyres that Novigrad Novigrad10
19Novigrad Dreaming Novigrad7
20Broken Flowers Novigrad11
21Get junior Novigrad12
22Ciri"s Story: Visiting small Novigrad9
23Count Reuven"s treasure Novigrad12
24A Favor for Radovid Oxenfurt Harbor9
25The Play"s the point Novigrad11
26A Poet Under press Novigrad13
27Ciri"s Story: Breakneck speed Novigrad11
28Destination: Skellige Novigrad16
29The King is Dead – lengthy Live the King Kaer Trolde16
30Echoes of the past Ard Skellig17
31Missing persons Lofoten15
32Nameless Freya"s Garden14
33Ciri"s Story: The Calm before the Storm Lofoten14

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