Wise males Speak because They have Something come Say; Fools since They have to Say something – Plato

I am sure at one suggest or another you have actually noticed that when in social situations, civilization sometimes usage unnecessary native to fill the gaps in conversation. Maybe we carry out this to avoid feeling azer or nervous. Or maybe it’s since we simply don’t know exactly how to exercise stillness in ours communication.

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When us cultivate stillness in communication with others, we produce space. In that space there is breath, over there is clarity, there is receptivity. When we protect against stillness, us rob ourselves of an opportunity to be in the present moment.

Learning to practice stillness in conversation is a very an effective aspect that self-mastery. When we perform this, we gain access to ours inner world. Rather than to work unconsciously, we can actively decipher what we really want to communicate and also what we could prefer to store to ourselves.

As we learn to master this practice, we have the right to be certain that what us say is mutual with purpose and also conviction. Ours words gainer depth and power due to the fact that we really typical them. This type of interaction removes little talk and creates deeper connections; with both our very own thoughts and also those with whom we pick to speak.

The other good part of mastering stillness in conversation is that us not just create much better self-awareness, we likewise introduce the chance to learn from others.

How numerous pearls that wisdom have actually you to let go in her life since you didn’t avoid talking long enough to hear them?

Learning to maintain stillness also brings through it the gift of becoming a great listener.

When we slow-moving down top top the talking and also learn to really listen to others, we open up a whole new world the learning. From friends and also family to tiny children, everyone us come across has the capability to teach united state something.

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If you want to practice being more still in your communication, try this basic technique. In your following conversation, candid measure lot you speak vs exactly how much friend listen. Try for a week come listen double as much as girlfriend speak in your interactions. Notice what friend learn and what comes up because that you.


When Plato said: “Wise men speak because they have actually something come say; Fools since they need to say something” he was giving us with a good insight. And although his words might seem harsh and critical, they absolutely do do you think. It is the whole suggest of viewpoint right?

What do you think Plato expected with this statement? Share your insights in the comments!