So the conclusion to the Azshara raid has been mined out, and I’m just going to attach it come you here. I don’t desire to talk as well much around what that actually contains, yet the brief version without spoiling people before the cut is the it’s pretty lot what girlfriend would suppose if you’ve been paying fist to things. Over there are civilization who room adamant that since it therefore resolutely set up precisely the worn down plot human being have to be predicting that must be some sort of red herring.

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Spoiler warning: It’s not. It’s precisely the same bland and obvious creating that world have to be calling it for months now, there’s not a third-act twist that’s walk to do this not lazy occupational of the highest order.

Instead, I want to actors my mind additional ahead. Us all recognize that this year will see another expansion announcement since it sort of has to, and we’re place bets an ext about whether it’s going to it is in an emergency point pre-BlizzCon. Instead, I want to ask a different question about what could actually win back the crowd for World the Warcraft because ns don’t think a straight crowd-pleaser like Legion is in the cards again. Therefore what can win people back?


A rewriting that the faction system

This is concurrently the many unlikely and also the thing I desire to view the most, especially because Calia Menethil has actually been getting set up together the brand-new leader that the Forsaken because the prequel novel. You know, the last legitimate heir come the throne that Lordaeron and all that?

I’ve said prior to (and will say dozens of time more, probably) that there’s no twist fixing this story. It’s a poor story told badly v lazy writing and character development. Yet after the 2nd go about of “we have to work together and depose the angry Horde Leader through violent means” it would at least make it mildly worthwhile if the an outcome sees united state moving right into the following expansion without the exact same faction split. The Alliance and Horde tho exist, however players have the right to move between them as they desire, and also there’s no longer hard rules on these two sides.

Allied gyeongju have already largely put paid to the idea of having actually faction-unique silhouettes (which was always nonsense), and also from a lore standpoint the justification is eroding right into nothing together Sylvanas i do not care the scapegoat because that the totality of the Horde. The would provide players miscellaneous to it is in excited about, a state wherein her faction gets shaped by her actual personal choices. Heck, you can even keep Sylvanas alive and also have the Horde simply straight-up be evil; friend can pick not to be through them any kind of longer!

At the very least, having complimentary and open up communication and partying would be a significant improvement, and something I’d prefer to see come out of this expansion. That wouldn’t justify the story, however I feel favor a many players would gain the feeling that the at least led somewhere interesting.


Major combat and spec expansion

There’s a weird type of balance right currently in WoW wherein a most specs both feeling too basic and also frantic. You’re just hitting 3 buttons, but you have to be hitting all three of them an ext or much less constantly… and also once you get that regime down, it i do not care mind-numbingly boring because again, it’s three buttons. The assorted specs are, at the end of the day, type of boring, and also the loss of all the fun power and also passives we had in Legion is acutely felt.

We just acquired a large-scale revision that every spec with Legion, and yet much like the items squish, the was handled incompetently automatically thereafter, definition that we need this again. Yet the sensible key to taking this job on again would be to do for a larger-scale revamp that’s an ext about presenting some much more complexity, add much more branches that differentiation in combat, and stop burning points down to the smallest variety of buttons that is quiet technically playable. This video game is not Overwatch.

I’m not saying that us absolutely require to have every spec have actually a complete two bars of capability you must rotate through, no one am i saying the combat needs to more closely resemble that of an additional game. There are, however, lots of games that could be provided as an instance of this, and also there are numerous ways that the game might become more interesting come play with just minor additions to buttons.

The key is not simply saying “we’ll make combat better,” but demonstrating that while also demonstrating the it’s not tied come a system that the developers store promising will go away with the next expansion. That would be a big step in the appropriate direction.


Housing and also persistent systems

Actually, let’s extend past that. Let’s do a mess.

Ion Hazzikostas is wrong about a bunch of stuff. He’s very wrong about the idea the you need to introduce a confusing system and then abandon it since it’s messy. Instead, you present a system in an expansion and recognize the it’s going to reason a mess in the future, but due to the fact that you can plan ahead you deserve to be all set for the mess. You deserve to act in a proactive fashion to deal for those confusing elements. That offers the impression the you’re in reality releasing expansions instead of sequels making use of the same video game engine.

I have the right to imagine a version of the game in i beg your pardon we have multiple artifacts, we still have Garrisons, us still have class Halls (which offered a different role than Garrisons because lock didn’t have to be usually the same), we have the Heart included on peak of that… we, in short, have actually lots of different pieces functioning together. Yes, it would certainly make the game more complicated. But the point is the while the immortal principle of “keep it simple, stupid” is true, the suggest is to make points as basic as possible without sacrificing functionality.

Persistent systems, housing among them, give players a sense that what you do currently sets under a foundation for the future. The would get people more excited appropriate away. Look at at exactly how many civilization were excited because that Garrisons before we observed how poor they were.


Undoing what’s to be undone

Is it wrong that component of me wishes to have actually the game’s classic servers together a test bed for rolling things back? Yes. That’s totally wrong. It’s also a really bad admission of having actually screwed up once you have to roll earlier changes you’ve made over the years. But at the exact same time, a lot of those points that to be excised and also removed end the year were also bad decisions.

I’d like to see an announcement for the next growth that we’re going earlier to the old talent trees. Civilization would lose their minds. There would certainly be screaming. You can say the at the start of the expansion announcement and you’d probably need to pause the presentation for 10 solid minutes. “We’re bringing back Seals and Auras because that Paladins.” Hey, look at that, human being are shedding their minds all over again.

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If you want to win back the crowd, you need to put in the effort to psychic the crowd that you’re trying to win back. The group that’s quiet in the video game is there the end of a dogged persistence, a determination that they’re going come stick with this game no issue what. Yet there’s a much bigger crowd the end there that has actually played the game and stepped away, and also that way looking in ~ the points that have driven people away. Undoing talents, putting an ext and more emphasis on the top tier of progression raiding, turning all genuine dungeons right into that exact same sort the content, removed gameplay interactions, burning out the an interpretation of levels… there’s a clear heat to be drawn that’s made world drop out.

And the other strategy to carry people earlier in a storm the fanservice is not going to work. Because… well, we’ll go over that following week. Because that now, let’s leave part comments down listed below or mail them follow me to eliot