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Willow bending is an assisted living community located in Denton the offers an elderly living accommodations and services.

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Estimated Monthly expense of $3,515

The above price is calculated based upon average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level the extra assistance, if no extra aid is required, climate the beginning price would certainly be less. Come get specific monthly rate, click the switch below:

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Compare basic PricingMonthly Cost
Average expense of helped living in ~ 25 miles$4,653/month
Denton average cost of aided living$3,515/month
Texas average expense of assisted living$3,515/month

trident-gaming.net has approximated the cost of willow Bend helped living facility in Denton, Texas. Willow Bend is 100% the expense of aided living in Denton and 100% the expense of helped living in Texas.

Willow Bend, Denton TX

Looking for reliable and also affordable retirement life in Denton, Texas?

Welcome to pasture Bend, Legend an elderly Living’s local helped living ar offering personal care and devoted memory treatment programs for citizens seeking an all-inclusive neighborhood experience. 

With their monthly fee, each resident gets accessibility to premium services and also amenities like:

Scheduled transportationMedication ManagementHousekeeping services and linen careDaily life enrichment24-hour staff availabilityEntertaining group outingsAssistance with tasks of day-to-day living bathing or dressing

The community’s services and amenities include chef-prepared dining to aid residents accomplish their day-to-day nutritional intake needs. Meals are constantly served fresh, supplying a selection of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and also dinner every day. 

Along through meals, inhabitants get accessibility to cost-free transportation services with your monthly fee. By giving transportation, the ar helps residents see doctors and navigate the neighborhood area v ease. 

Around Denton, residents will discover plenty of fun experiences both indoors and out. The regional area is home to plenty of to buy areas and medical centers, along with fun points of attention like: 

On-campus, citizens will uncover plenty of fun things to execute without going far from your apartment many thanks to the community’s interesting life enrichment opportunities, including events and activities like: 

Cultural eventsEducational opportunities and lifelong learningGroup outings to surrounding attractionsBible study Musical entertainment and also live performancesArts and crafts sessionsDevotional time and chapel servicesGroup game nights

Incoming residents may pick from several aided living and also memory treatment floor plans, including: 

Deluxe One-Bedroom systems (509 sq ft)Luxury One-Bedroom devices (662 sq ft)Standard One-Bedroom devices (509 sq ft, courtyard check out available)Two-Bedroom units (770 sq ft, courtyard view available)Private Memory care Studio systems (292 sq ft)Shared Studio units (562 sq ft)

Units are designed to aid residents feeling safe, secure, and also comfortable at all hours of the day, featuring state-of-the-art amenities like: 

Individually-controlled heating and air-conditioningHookups because that phone and tvEmergency speak to systems through speaker responseKitchenettes with microwaves, refrigerators, sinks, and cabinets

With so lot to offer, there are many reasons families consider Willow bending for long-term care in Denton, Texas. Follow to virtual reviews from residents and families, pasture Bend is a popular selection because: 

The employee members room kind and compassionate, important going beyond the call of duty come provider personalized care to every residentThe community areas are beautiful well-kept, producing a comfortable an are where residents deserve to spend high quality time v their partner close come homeThe meals are always served hot and also fresh, letting inhabitants enjoy nutritious dining options daily in ~ no extra charge

Frequently Asked concerns (FAQ)

Q: where is pasture Bend located?

Willow bend is located at: 

2125 Brinker Rd 

Denton, TX 76208

Q: What treatment services and also amenities does willow Bend provide?

Willow Bend’s inclusive housing options include access to premium services and also amenities like: 

Scheduled transportationWellness and also exercise programsLife enrichment programmingMedication managementCare coordination through health treatment providers in the areaPersonalized treatment tailored to each individual

To learn more about the many services and amenities citizens enjoy when they call Willow bend home, please usage the link over to make an inquiry.

Q: What levels of treatment does pasture Bend provide?

Willow Bend offers assisted living and memory care services on-campus. The community is no licensed to provide medical services like experienced nursing care, yet residents are welcome to arrange extr assistance through third-party service providers as necessary. 

To learn an ext about the levels of care Willow bending is licensed to provide, please usage the link above to do an inquiry.

Q: exactly how much does pasture Bend cost?

To make pricing fair and also affordable for all residents, pasture Bend adjusts your monthly prices to reflect each resident’s individualized treatment routine and also housing options. 

Families room welcome to get a cost-free personalized quote for willow Bend by using the “Get Pricing” connect above.

Q: Is willow Bend pet-friendly?

Willow Bend enables pets ~ above campus, as long as their cat or dog follows the community’s pet policy. 

To find out more, please usage the link above to make an inquiry.

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Q: execute the residents seem energetic and engaged at pasture Bend?

Willow bending goes over and beyond to do their neighborhood a comfortable and also safe location where citizens thrive, encouraging every individual to seek their understanding through interesting hands-on tasks daily. 

The community’s life enrichment calendar features new events daily, giving residents some fun to look front to each morning, afternoon, and also evening. To learn more, please usage the link over to make an inquiry around the community’s meeting to energetic living.

About The Community

Offering both helped Living and Memory treatment residences, willow Bend, located in Denton, Texas is specialized to providing the greatest levels of personal service and a warm, comfortable and proactively social setting that will enrich your life. Our method to care celebrates your distinct personality and lifestyle with solutions designed especially for her needs, so you’ll prosper in an environment of friendship, family and also robust support that values and respects your privacy, dignity and also independence. At pasture Bend, you’ll discover a colorful atmosphere that values both community and individuality. Gathering areas are purposefully designed to do life more engaging, convenient and also social, if a selection of residential floorplans market comfortable, private retreats in which you have the right to express her individual taste and lifestyle. Even the services we carry out are personalized come your unique needs and wishes, and also delivered discreetly so that lifestyle constantly remains in ~ the love of your experie… store Reading