Love lock or dislike them, it’s a truth of life that sooner or later most soap stars move on to other avenues. Even if it is they leaving acting altogether, head for the Broadway phase or a career in movies, we miss them. Recently, tracked under a few past As The people Turns stars to uncover out what they’ve to be up to since leaving the show.

Read on because that an update!

William Fichtner play Josh, Lily Walsh’s father, indigenous 1987 with 1993. Because leaving the Oakdale, william has had a long career in Los Angeles. ~ a short stint ~ above the sit-com “Grace Under Fire”, william hit the big screen with functions in access time such together “Blades of Glory”, “Pearl Harbor” and also “Armageddon”. You might have additionally caught him in the Sara Evans music video for “Perfect”. You have the right to see him right currently at the box Office in “The Dark Knight” (he theatre a bank manager) or record him this fall on Season 4 that “Prison Break”. William plays Alexander Mahone top top the show.

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Jordana Brewster, ex-Nikki Munson, hasn’t to be seen around Oakdale due to the fact that 2001. But, you may have captured a couple of glimpses of Jordana on the large screen. Since leaving ATWT, Jordana has appeared in movies such together “The Fast and also The Furious” and also “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning”. She is currently set to star in the third installment of “The Fast and The Furious” series.

Some of friend may have forgotten about Thomas Gibson, ex-Derek Mason - yet we haven"t! cutting board played Derek indigenous 1988 with 1990. After ~ leaving Oakdale, the landed because that a brief time in Another World"s only City together Sam Fowler. He hit the large time through a silly small sit-com called "Dharma and Greg" and has also starred in several produced television movies. The is at this time starring in the CBS fight "Criminal Minds" v ex-soaper Shemar Moore, ex-Malcolm, The Young and The Restless.

Since Tom and Margo"s 25th wedding anniversary was celebrated on the show a few weeks ago, has actually received several inquiries from viewers wondering what taken place to Margaret Colin, ex-Margo. Margaret relocated from daytime dramas come nighttime once she landed the role of Dr. Karen Antonovich ~ above "Chicago Hope" in 1994. Since then she has actually starred in movies such together "Independence Day" and also "First Daughter". She is at this time starring in "Gossip Girl" and also working on three films, "Deception", "iMurders" and also "The absent Person".

Everyone to know Courtney Cox together Monica Geller ~ above the fight sit-com "Friends" yet before becoming one the the world"s 6 favorite friends, Courtney obtained her begin as As The world Turns" Bunny! shortly after leave Oakdale, she appeared as Lauren top top "Family Ties" opposite Michael J. Fox and also then moved on to films such together the "Scream" trilogy and "3000 mile To Graceland". After ~ "Friends", Courtney has actually been busy, too. She is currently starring in the cable hit "Dirt" and also recently completed filming two new movies, "The Monday prior to Thanksgiving" and also "Bedtime Stories".

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There you have it fans, you space up to date with several past Oakdale residents. If you"re wondering what happened to her favorite actor, place a comment here and you"re actor might be featured in the next installment!

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