My Chin Is too Long!

Although noses gain a most attention these days, her chin has actually an same massive influence on the as whole appearance of your face. If her jaw is underdeveloped or overdeveloped, you might suffer native a lack of to trust or a emotion of unattractiveness. If so, you can be perfect candidate for a corrective procedure that will offset your features.

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Note: If you’re in the Houston area – or willing to travel – Dr. Michel Siegel can help you obtain the chin you’ve constantly wanted.

Why go This occur To Me?

Jaw size relies on both genetics and also environmental factors. Everyone is born through a particular “blueprint” for jaw development, but the last appearance of her jaw in adulthood is also influenced through things choose thumb suck in infancy, tooth alignment, and how regularly you usage your jaw muscles cultivation up.

Can mine Jaw it is in Corrected?

Absolutely! face plastic surgeons are able to carry out bothgenioplasty(augmentation the the jaw with implants) andmentoplasty(reduction that the jaw). It’s a much much more intricate procedure than you could think: a skilled surgeon will certainly not only take into consideration of the size of her jaw, but additionally the subtleties the its shape, its connection to the other functions of your face, and what will look “normal” given your gender, ethnicity, and also age.

So that not simply a issue of “bringing your jaw into line”. The procedure is a little bit like artistic sculpting—and just as artists need creative vision, plastic surgeons call for a keen aesthetic sense (as fine as technological prowess) in stimulate to provide you the outcomes you desire.

Sometimes, the figure of her jaw have the right to actually be resolved with a simplefacelift—this is regularly the situation when you experience from jowls, for instance. If you’re concerned about a double chin,liposuctioncan be an reliable solution.

What Is The surgery Like?

The exact nature that chin augmentation or reduction surgery differs slightly depending upon which operated doctor you see, and also how lot work her jaw needs. Dr. Siegel is that the opinion that a conservative, minimally invasive procedure performed v the patient’s as whole appearance in mind, can produce the many naturally attractive look.

The procedures have the right to either it is in performed under local or general anesthesia (the previous leaves you drowsy and pain-free, yet awake, while the latter puts you come sleep momentarily). They typically takes Dr. Siegel around 20 minutes to perform, and there is minimal bruising and swelling. Many patients space able to resume normal activity after one week, and also the final result is usually apparent after 3 months.

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Chin augmentation surgical procedure is often performed in conjunction v rhinoplasty or a facelift, in order to attain the many attractive and also balanced result possible.

Dr. Siegel prides self on his capacity to work with patient to accomplish the results they want to see—rather than forcing part one-size-fits-all concept of a “good jaw” on them. He specializes in face plastic surgery. To uncover out an ext about the options available to you, make an appointment v him today!