Hi my tablet computer takes one awful long time to charge. If it totally dead, it"s takes about 10-12 hours. Why is that doing that and also how deserve to it it is in fixed. It simply recently started doing that about 2 months ago. I"ve additionally used various chargers in different places. Could I have damaged my tablet computer by making use of it while it charges? I can no much longer do that since it quiet dies.

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Hi Chettona, I have the exact same problem, my tablet has to be charging every night and also it still has actually 30% come go. I have used different chargers too and I think that"s the problem, i have gone earlier to the initial charger which is taking follow me time to fee my tablet. Not certain what the equipment is, however I do setup to remove photos off it at part stage, that could help. Hoping you resolved your tablet computer charging problems! Leighann

I have actually a 2019 Tab A 10.1 and also it continuous keeps providing me "slow charging" notifications, while I inputting this it"s on charge and also it says from 12 % come 100 it will certainly take 5:30 minutes. In the past when it does slow charging the some claimed it can take 19 hrs to 100 %. I got my tab a in October last year and also I am making use of my original charger, I"ve do the efforts plugging it into some various other plugs however still wouldn"t help. I have deleted many stuff native here, prior to I used to have 25 GB of warehouse taken native 32 GB currently I"ve just taken increase 16 GB. I have a feeling it is my adapter that"s resulting in problems since when it charges effectively its really hot yet nowadays it does warmth up in ~ all.




He"s saying use a much better charger it might not be enough output to charge it fast... You might always try an ipad "charge block" that the huge thick one no the little white one the iphones and also watches come with... I had the same trouble it could additionally be a bad outlet in your wall surface ?? try it in thr kitchen or bathroom just becareful of water exposure!!

I"m sorry, I have the exact same problem and also feel choose calling Samsung together all mine phones are. Samsung note Tab e a piece of sh..... T... At&t only had it a year, maybe. Ns don"t have actually time to contact AT&T technology support. Also in my car, Toyota Avalon 2007, 53,000 miles, i am beginning to think possibly chargers don"t last. Top it off, only use quick chargers. The is 2018, no such thing as useless regular, take it forever to charge, chargers yet cheap a.... As ASURION sent me a refurbished keep in mind 5 with the obsolete vehicle charger. How dare them. Ns am walking to perform a testimonial on ASURION about their cheap a..... Sass... Ways. As soon as I have the %#*

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time. ASURION have sent me brand-new phones or a brand-new phone prior to as ns distinctly mental it. Keep in mind 3. Very same with AT&T, every refurbished and don"t to trust refurbished and too lengthy story yet my 1st Note 5, 64 gb.... On upgrade around 2.5 YRS ago, had fell out of my car and 20 minutes later, ns realized ns was lacking the phone, dropped e 3 miles ago towards Kalaheo, high school, why alongside the school, since I constantly use the otterbox, it endured a vehicle running the over, no directly however caught probably 20% that it. Otterbox to be gone. Phone call intact, s pen missing, with few scratches approximately the frame. However WORKED A LOT better THAN all THE REFURBISHED ONES i HAD and have. Did one more warranty claim, together I tho didn"t execute the transport from phone to phone. Present Note 5 always freezes and also says HROME ISN"T RESPONDING, near app, wait, or report... BS together a big hold-up like NOW. But I needed to know why this fu.... Ckin" tab e...... Look, just 49% item of $
$* (sorry for slang), ridiculous. Said long story, however I go it..... All about from charging come refurbished VS new.... Many thanks GANG