miller's theme
one must never compromise his beliefs to conserve his very own life
miller's purposeto develop an allegorical play that relates come the events in the 1950's bordering McCarthyism
gained sensibilityRev. Hale--awoke to the fraud that the trials, but couldn't do those in authority think him
passed "the test"Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey, George Jacobs, john Proctor
Failed "the test"Abigail, Rev. Parris, Danforth, Rev. Hale, Elizabeth Proctor, Tituba
The conflict between “witches” and also Christians is compared toCommunism vs. Capitalism
An accused “witch” can escape execution bya. confessing to the charge
What factor(s) added to the witch hunt?resentment amongst neighbors, society instability, theocratic management in Salem
Why carry out the people component like the sea when Abigail walks into court?b. People respect the occupational that Abigail is doing.

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Why will Goody Osburn hang but not Goody Good?c. Good confessed, however Osburn walk not.
How does mar Warren feel at very first about her duty in the court?b. She enjoys the brand-new power and status she has in the village
Reverend Hale doubts man Proctor’s spiritual faith mainly since Proctora. doesn’t attend church regularly and also one kid is not baptized.
What go Proctor median when he says that his mam will never die because that him?b. He knows that his adultery with Abigail has caused Elizabeth to be jailed.
Giles Corey is arrested becausec. he refuse to surname the person who accused Putnam that grabbing land.
Which occasion seems to have actually shaken Hale’s commitment to the trials?listening to man Proctor
Which two emotions overcome Proctor?guilt and also outrage
Which line ideal expresses the most likely fact behind the trials?c. “…private revenge is working v this testimony!”
Why does Hale denounce the proceedings that the court?c. He believes the Proctor and Mary room telling the truth.
Why is Danforth so ready to discredit Mary’s testimony against the girls?a. If they have lied, then he has actually sentenced innocent human being to death.

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Why walk Proctor tear increase his confession and also condemn himself to death?d. He has found new strength and refuses to justify the witch trials.