Matthew 16:25 “For whoever desires to save their life will shed it, yet whoever loses their life because that me will uncover it.”

Explanation and Commentary the Matthew 16:25

Christians are blessed v the fact that lock don’t need to worry around their life. The civilization says come worry about your life. The people says that you have to look the end for yourself and get what is yours. Once Jesus spoke of his comes death, his disciple protested, yet Jesus said this perspective was from satan, and even that satan was speaking with Peter (Mt 16:23).

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But Jesus didn’t intend the he would certainly be the just one to live and also die this way. All Christian are referred to as to “pick up your cross” and follow Jesus in his way. That is one unfortunate fact that the Church this particular day preaches simple believism the says, “Pray this prayer and also you never need to worry around going to hell as soon as you die.” What a tragedy! world are already in the hell of your life in a please flesh, in a fallen world, rule by satan. Jesus passed away for so much much more than a magic get-out-of-hell formula.

God’s invitation is an invitation to dice to your old ways. If this no sound an excellent to you, that is because you have no idea how wonderful it will certainly be come let that “wreck her life.” Jesus calls us to “life abundant” (Jn 10:10).

Breaking down the key Parts the Matthew 16:25

#1 “For…” after ~ rebuking Peter and also satan for being a “stumbling block” and tempting Jesus come disobey the will certainly of God by avoiding his suffering, Jesus turns to our call to follow him in bearing our cross.

#2 “…whoever…” God must draw us to get over our flesh and also turn to him, yet he has actually absolutely created us as ethical agents in his picture with the volume to make choices for which we are organized responsible. The is component of the privilege and responsibility of being his image-bearers. Anyone that believes and also comes to the Father will certainly be saved. Everyone is held responsible for the selection to perform so or not.

#3 “wants to save their life…” exactly how unfortunate that is as soon as we in ours ignorance think us know far better than God what is good for us. Native whom do we shot to “save” our lives? from the only One that knows what’s ideal for us! only God can make miscellaneous from our lives, however it requires complete obedience and submission come him. Otherwise, we just think that we space our own god. This is the worst and sneakiest form of idolatry and also betrays unbelief.

#4 “…will lose it, but whoever loses your life for me will find it.” it will finish badly for those who never take up your cross and also die v Christ. However those who obey him in this and also trade what they view for what they can not will uncover eternal and also abundant life in Christ. Have the belief of a child and trust in your Father’s purposes and plans. Lay under your life and also become what the intends because that you.

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Biblical Translations the Matthew 16:25

NIV “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, however whoever loses your life because that me will discover it.”

NLT “If you shot to hang on to her life, you will lose it. However if you give up your life for my sake, girlfriend will conserve it.”

ESV “For everyone would conserve his life will shed it, but whoever loses his life because that my sake will discover it.”

KJV “For whosoever will conserve his life shall lose it: and also whosoever will shed his life because that my services shall discover it.”

NKJV “For whoever desire to save his life will lose it, however whoever loser his life for My sake will discover it.”


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