If you think about it, you can’t yes, really blame Jessie\"s son Ron Anderson top top The walking Dead for not being a pan of stack Grimes and his crew. After all, Rick eliminated his father, Pete, and had a pretty noticeable crush ~ above Jessie because that a while there critical season. However, Ron\"s anger in the direction of the team that is trying to defend the Alexandria Safe-Zone might cost him his life. He’s also careless and also has practically died twice due to the fact that The go Dead Season 6 premiere three weeks ago. Mine bet? Jessie\"s earliest son won’t do it come the end of the season. Fortunately for the actor who plays Ron top top The go Dead, Austin Abrams, he won’t be struggling to discover work if this duty ends.

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You may not acknowledge Abrams\" name, unless you’re a fan of man Green\"s books. For everyone else, here\"s a quick rundown of Abrams before we get into the details. The 19-year-old has three upcoming movies that room all in post-production, follow to his IMDb. We Don’t belonging Here, medication Men, and also Grass Stains are all collection to be released in the upcoming year. Like I said, Abrams the will have actually no problem finding new roles if Ron doesn\"t endure The walking Dead Season 6. Here\"s what rather you may know him from.

Paper Towns

He might be quiet and also sulky on The wade Dead, however he play Quentin’s very loud and dirty-humored girlfriend Ben in paper Towns, the recent adaptation the a novel through Green. Ben joins in top top the adventure to discover Q’s crush Margo Roth Spiegelman once she goes missing, also though his greatest goal with the movie is gaining a date for prom.

Gangster Squad

In this movie certification Ryan Gosling, Abrams dram Pete, a shoeshine boy who give Gosling\"s personality information about gangster Mickey Cohen.

The monarchs Of Summer

The movie is about three teenage boys who run away and live in the forest together. No, Abrams is not one of the 3 boys, yet plays a character called Aaron alongside a cast that has Nick Offerman, Alison Brie, Megan Mullally, and also Mary Lynn Rajskub.


In 2014, Abrams starred in Sacrifice, play Dermot Mulroney’s youngest son. The premise involves four boys who go ~ above a hunting trip together and also something walk horribly wrong.

Ticking Clock

Back in 2011, he starred alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. In this thriller about a reporter who’s investigate the killing of his girlfriend. Abrams theatre an orphaned boy named James Keech.

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TV Roles


In 2012 ,he was actors as Todd Cooper ~ above the U.S. Version of MTV’s Inbetweeners. Unfortunately, the show didn’t take off prefer it walk in the UK and also was canceled ~ one season. He likewise guest starred together “The Carver,” an experienced hacker, on Silicon Valley and in 2014 was in an episode of Shameless as Henry McNally. And also of course, he can be viewed every Sunday (for now) top top The go Dead.