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\"Who to know Where the moment Goes?\" is a tune written by the English folk-rock singer and songwriter Sandy Denny. Denny initially recorded the track as a demo in 1967, singing and playing guitar on the track. Later that year, she briefly join the people band The Strawbs, and also re-recorded the song, again with just her voice and also guitar, because that what became the album every Our very own Work, which would certainly not it is in released until 1973. American folk singer Judy Collins heard a ice cream of the original demo record in 1968, and also decided come cover the song. She released she recording very first as the B-side of her cover of \"Both Sides, Now\", and also then together the title monitor of she album that Knows Where the moment Goes, both exit in 1968. Hair was the very first widely easily accessible recording that the song. In 1968 Denny join the folk-rock band Fairport Convention. She tape-recorded the track on her second album with the band, the 1969 album Unhalfbricking. This version had more of a rock influence. \"Who knows Where the moment Goes?\" became a signature tune for both Denny and also Fairport Convention, and has been covered by countless artists.more »

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Across the morning sky,All the bird are leaving,Ah, how deserve to they know it\"s time come go?Before the winter fire,We\"ll still it is in dreaming.I execute not counting the timeWho knows where the time goes?Who to know where the time goes?Sad deserted shore,Your fickle friends space leaving,Ah, however then you understand it's time because that them to go,But I will certainly still be here,I have no believed of leaving.I carry out not count the timeWho to know where the time goes?Who knows where the time goes?And I\"m not alone,When my love is close to me,And ns know,it will be so,till it's time come go,So come the storms of winter ,And then the bird of spring again.I execute not feeling the timeWho knows just how my love grows?Who to know where the time goes?La la la la la la......Um um um um ........Do do do do du.........Ah ah ah ah ah......Um um um um.......

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Judy Collins Judith \"Judy\" Marjorie Collins (born might 1, 1939) is an American singer and also songwriter, recognized for she eclectic tastes in the material she documents (which has had folk, show tunes, pop, rock and roll and also standards), and also for she social activism.

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She is an alumna the MacMurray College, Jacksonville, Illinois. An ext »