'Steven Universe' boasts a actors of colorful characters--literally! discover out i m sorry Homeworld or decision Gem you are with this quiz.

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You're the indomitable Steven himself! You're bright and also cheerful, always supporting others in every method you can. You have the right to be a small naive, but you're a lot an ext perceptive than human being give you credit transaction for. Once things acquire serious, you're more than all set to action up the plate.

You space Garnet! If world want to mistake your shyness and/or desire because that privacy as 'being mysterious', girlfriend aren't walk to prevent them. Beneath your calm demeanor is a radical of badass, and also although your confidence is dazzling, sometimes it reasons you to miss other valuable perspectives. Once you feel comfortable and also open up, you are a goofball and an extremely generous with your love.Or probably you're just made of two tiny lesbians.

You room Amethyst! You worth hedonism and also play, also if you sometimes use them to cover increase the no so quite feelings underneath. You space a ton of fun and also people choose you more than you think lock do. You are very open minded also if you can get bogged down through self loathing.

You room Pearl! You room gracefully meticulous, even if it is that means folding wash or swinging a sword. You space insecure, yet you shot not to let that avoid you from pursuing her dreams. You space a singular person, but you discover it easy to make relations with those who share her passions. It's the ones who don't that you have a bit of trouble understanding, but you are always willing to try. You hide your me doubts under a display of confidence, so always remember; you room stronger than you think.

You are Lapis Lazuli! girlfriend hate emotion trapped. You would perform anything for your friends, also to the suggest of no listening to what they in reality need. Your playful next is just matched by her temper. Friend love beautiful things and are periodically uncomfortable with change.

You room lil' Peridot. You often tend to placed your foot in your mouth, yet you worth doing the ideal thing over your personal comfort, therefore you're gaining better. You have the right to be a bit smug and also pretentious about your own abilities, which space prodigious, but you often tend to be shortsighted when it concerns what various other perspectives can lug to the table. You desire to fuse through Garnet.

You are Jasper! You're a traditional, no-nonsense type, through a flair for the dramatic. You have actually a tendency to run right into things head first. You favor confrontation and also you pat fair, yet only as soon as you think the opposition has actually earned it. You dwell a lot on the past, and have a true feeling of loyalty.

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You are rose Quartz! You're secretive and a natural leader. You view the beauty in everything except yourself. It's beneficial when civilization reassure you that you're enough for them, even if you have a difficult time believing it. You love with abandon, regardless of the consequences.

'Steven Universe' boasts a actors of vivid characters--literally! discover out which Homeworld or crystal Gem you room with this quiz.