Jangmo-o is a rare Dragon kind Pokemon that shows up in the substantial Poni Canyon. However, this pokemon has actually a short spawn price which way you"ll have to grind...

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What is Jangmo-o?

Jangmo-o is the basic kind of Kommo-o who has a new Z-move: Clangorous spirit Blaze. Together a Dragon kind Pokemon, Jangmo-o deserve to take in a most damage. Save for, versus Ice strikes or Fairy type attacks. This Pokemon looks likewise to a dinosaur with scales. Unlike few of the Dragon type Pokemon, the goes ~ above fours prior to rising ~ above two’s. As one of the the strongest Dragon Pokemon from the Alola Region, Jangmo-o can come to be an legacy in competitive play.

Once the evolves into its finish form, this Pokemon is known to dish tons of damage versus its enemies. Especially when given Dragonium Z, this Pokemon will certainly definitely come to be a force to it is in reckoned with.

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How to find Jangmo-o

In order to find this Dragon form Pokemon, players have to scour roughly the huge Poni Canyon top top Poni Island to uncover it. As a rarely Pokemon, it additionally has a low appearance rate. However, there room times that its evolved kind will appear. Football player are given two choices: either, catch its evolved type and each other it with a Ditto. Or, to wait for the SOS calls to occur so the its base type will do its appearance.

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