This maritime Grade Stainless stole wire sculpture (difficult come photograph) is titled where the soil Meets the Sea, and is by Maya Lin.

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This is the an initial permanent artwork by Maya Lin in mountain Francisco. The artist to be selected with the art Commission’s vain application process in 2005. Back Lin does no usually take part in competitions, she comment to the arts Commission’s invitation to use because of she keen interest in the California Academy the Sciences and also the possibility the job would carry out to connect with the institution’s scientists. As an ardent environmentalist, Lin wished to construct a project that would certainly make people an ext aware of your environment and the herbal world.

The 36’ x 60’ x 15’ sculpture is fabricated native 5/8 inch maritime grade stainless steel tubing. Favor a line illustration in space, the sculpture depicts the topography in between Angel Island and the gold Gate Bridge. To make the hills and valleys that the terrain an ext visible, the actual range of the landscape is exaggerated by five times over sea level and by ten times below. “This piece was the culmination the a search to reveal San Francisco Bay—to get people to think around what’s beneath the water heat in a brand-new way,” says Lin. “It took almost eight months for us to mesh the land and water data sets due to the fact that the 2 sets the data were completely segregated—and this is the entirety point! we think of these points as two separate systems even though they space literally connected to each other.” In bespeak to build the sculpture, Lin’s fabricator, the Walla Walla Foundry, recreated the exterior West Terrace of the Academy in their warehouse come ensure precision in the attachments of the sculpture to the terrace’s 6 columns.

The sculpture is set up outdoors on the Academy’s West Terrace, whereby it is seamlessly enclosed to six columns and also suspended by ripe thread-like steel cables native the overhead solar canopy. It appears to float choose a cloud in a Chinese see painting against the backdrop of greenery in gold Gate Park, a dynamic counterpoint come the formal and orderly geometry that the building’s design by Renzo Piano. (from the SFAC press release).


You can view this piece from outside the entrances of the Academy the Sciences. Entry is $30 for adults.

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