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Last year, I composed an article around one that my favorite PokéTubers, TheKingNappy, being outed by the Pokémon ar for to organize his friends and also forcing them right into relationships through him.

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during that tiM.E., i was really distraught about the totality situation and thought that I never would be able to enjoy Pokémon gaming contents again. I in reality didn’t even watch any kind of PokéTubers or their content since I feel it simply wasn’t the saM.E. Come M.E.. The only way I preserved up v Pokémon news was v Facebook groups.

after he was outed, Nappy took to Twitch to provide his an answer to the allegations and also didn’t seem like he to be going to be making contents or livestreaming ever before again. I assumed to myself, “What if the coM.E.s back?” or “Will he ever before apologize because that his actions, and if so, will the community forgive him?” I acquired my prize on Christmas Eve.

i looked under at my phone and also saw the familiar purple logo design from the Twitch app saying “TheKingNappy is live top top Twitch: pokémon sticks and also stones,” and also instantly I thought this to be an error ~ above Nappy’s end or Twitch was having concerns with the server. 

Boy, was ns wrong.

Nappy begun his comM.E.nts a small over 24 minutes into his livestream after play music, v audio clip the a male saying, “I’m currently convicted, my entirety life has actually been turnt around. I shed every job. I shed everything. I lost every opportunity. I can’t gain to to buy cars, can’t get no rent, can’t get none that that. But I am still a survivor. I am still comes to court v a smile.”

then the audio reduced off and Nappy play “What girlfriend Won’t perform For Love” by Bobby Caldwell, and I say come myself, “Yes, Nappy I have wondered where you have been.” climate Nappy finally spoke and also said, “Hello boys and also girls. Hello everybody. What is poppin’?” i was certainly shocked because it to be a voice, I had not heard for much more than nine months.

Nappy described that he to be sorry he was gone so long, the he to be sorry that his fans and supporters had actually to be subjected to the drama that followed him. Nappy promised that he would attend to the drama in a separate video clip later. Nappy additionally had apologized speak he had a lot of of problems in his life otherwise the would have actually been ago sooner.

Nappy then began playing the new Pokémon gaM.E. And stayed ~ above Twitch live for an ext than two hours before hopping off stream.

In my mind, ns was reasoning the saM.E. Thing countless others were most likely thinking — “Why didn’t he carry up the allegations, or at the very least tell his side of the story?”

almost a month later, Nappy went back to YouTube under his new alias the “Nappy,” just to write-up the Twitch livestream, which he had damaged into components that he uploaded because that the bulk of that week. Along with posting the livestream, he additionally posted a brand-new Pokémon collection on his channel that an initial day. together of Monday, that is tho posting videos and hasn’t M.E.ntioned the allegations.

This leaves M.E. Come ponder if the is even right to watch his content and also be entertained by it? I had asked the editors of the University push what they had thought. Claire said that she tho enjoys “House the Cards” regardless of the allegations versus Kevin Spacey.

ns think that is yes sir to clock people’s content despite what has happened to them in the past. The determining aspect for M.E. Watching Nappy is the reality that he has actually a an individual life and also a YouTube life, and the two have to not intermingle. 

We have to separate the art from the artist.

over there is no proof Nappy had sexual relationships with the people who outed him and accused the of forcing them right into relationships. It seems as despite they were online relationships.

However, ns feel he has actually learned his lesson and also will no longer connect with minors — however who knows other than Nappy.

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that is innocent till proven guilty, and also I will continue to clock his content. However, if the is proven guilty through a court of legislation then I will certainly go back to watching various other content.