Possibly the most vital question about longevity and also health in ministry (and really just in life together a Christian) is “where perform you hide?\"

Life and also ministry space sometimes really difficult. The internal and also external pressure and also stress occasionally leaves us feeling depleted and discouraged. As soon as we feel this method for prolonged amount the time, us all feeling the God-given should retreat. We are like an athlete in the NCAA competition who has actually played a great game and needs to obtain his body and also mind ready for the next game two job later. Us are prefer a NASCAR driver who demands to come in for fuel to be able to finish the race. God made united state all dependent beings and has made us v the must retreat and hide out. The question we should answer is where space we hiding? Where execute we run as soon as we room running ~ above E?

Where we hide will identify our future. Let’s take it a rapid look in ~ a couple of places we might be hiding and the an outcome of each of these.

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ALCOHOL- for a very long duration of time, my hiding place was alcohol and drugs. My source of comfort, confidence, and satisfaction came solely from a chemical. The result was destruction. End the past few years, I have actually heard means too many stories of this being a reality for pastors and also other believers. We room fooled to think that because we have actually served the mr so hard, we deserve to hide in the bottle for awhile. Alcohol is absolutely permissible in Scripture and also is a good thing for world to gain responsibly, yet cannot it is in the ar we hide. If the is, devastation will always follow.

PORN- A study freshly showed the 79% of adult American men periods 18-30 view porn at least once per week. The study also stated the 76% of American women periods 18-30 view porn at least once per month. Erotic demolishes marital intimacy and also kills our intimacy v Jesus, however many pastors discover their refuge in this demonic sin. The result of finding our refuge in porn, masterbation, or other sexual sin is very destructive and will many likely cause a public moral failure, hurting many more people 보다 you would have ever thought. The finest advice I might give if you battle in this area is humble yourself, confide in an older, wiser spiritual mentor, and also do everything it takes to death this sin. Jesus has actually paid for this sin, yet the only grace the Jesus supplies is transformational grace.

EXERCISE- Leaders have the tendency to spend their time whereby they feel choose they space winning. Once we nothing feel favor we’re win in our walk through Jesus, our marriage, or our calling/job, us will sometimes look elsewhere. The gym is no somewhere I ever feel prefer I’m winning (I look choose a white string bean), but for many, the is and can become a location of refuge once you nothing feel prefer you’re to win elsewhere. Exercise, such as CrossFit or golf, is a helpful and necessary element of healthy and balanced living, but it deserve to easily end up being an idol. As soon as exercise becomes where we hide the result is practically always a distraction native what’s many important, and also potentially vanity, pride, and also lust. Reap your workout, but don’t hide there.

SOCIAL MEDIA- one of the many seductive hiding places is ours phone. The fleeting, however alluring, pleasures that dings, buzzes, likes, followers, and prestige is straightforward place come hide that is always right in our pocket. Social media is an incredible tool to affix with world and advance the Gospel, but cannot it is in our hiding place. Once social media, technology, tv, and other media sources end up being our hiding location mediocrity is the result. This hiding place distracts united state from our families, ours calling, and most importantly intimacy through God. Running to social media for comfort is favor eating lots of bread when we are dying the thirst. You’re law something, yet it’s no helping the situation.

MINISTRY- This might be the most terrible one that all since we will oftentimes be applauded because that this one. As soon as we are depleted, plenty of of us just throw ourselves an ext into the work of ministry. We think the lie the our souls will be satisfied if we just hit ours attendance goal or if the following message is the ideal one we’ve ever preached. Us burn ourselves out trying to find comfort in set success, which always seems to evade us. Us soon come to be even an ext exhausted and also will ultimately tap the end or have actually a moral failure.

Where room you hiding?

There are many an ext that us could point out (food, relationships, learning, possessions, etc.), however these are just a couple of of the main ones I view often. Not all of these space inherently poor or morally wrong points to suffer (other 보다 porn), however they can not be the location we find healing, restoration, and also replenishment. The concern isn’t if you engage in this activities, yet where do you walk for comfort when you are depleted. They room all prefer eating candy and drinking soda between games or putting water in your gas tank. They simply don’t job-related long-term.

Where then have to we hide?

“Oh taste and see that the lord is good! Blessed is the guy who take away refuge in Him!” -Psalm 34:8

The mr designed united state to hide in Him and He invites us into His hiding place. As soon as we space depleted and run to God (rather than to the bottle, the gym, our phone, or an ext ministry) we will be richly restored. Once we hide out in God our souls will experience the joy we long for, the comfort we crave, and the spiritual revitalization the we need to grow in this incredible, yet strenuous, calling God has blessed united state with. God is the only hiding location that works.

Jesus modeled this for us when He was on earth...

\"After He had sent the crowds away, that went increase on the hill by self to pray; and also when it to be evening, He to be there alone.” Matthew 14:23

\"After bidding them farewell, the left because that the hill to pray.” mark 6:46

\"It was at this time that he went off to the hill to pray, and He invested the entirety night in prayer to God.” Luke 6:12

\"In the early morning, when it to be still dark, Jesus acquired up, left the house, and also went away to a diverted place, and was praying there.” note 1:35

\"But Jesus self would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.” Luke 5:16

We view over and over again the Jesus retract to spend intimate time through the Father. Time through God was His hiding place. We need to follow His example. The presence of God can’t simply be our strength to preach and also do ministry, the must also be our hiding place.

As we study where we hide, we can know whereby our hearts truly room in this season. Whereby we hide exposes our best love. What us enjoy many is whereby we will hide once things obtain rough. Right here are 2 truths us must know in bespeak to do God’s visibility our hiding place:

1- God is a good Father who loves (and likes) us.

We listen this and talk about this all the time, but do us really believe it? You space a son (or daughter) of God and also He not only loves you, however He also likes you. He desires to invest time through you. Your sin has currently been paid for, and also God is no an upset or distant step-father, but an attentive and loving Daddy. He wants you to sit ~ above His lap as soon as you’ve had a difficult day. He wants to be her hiding place.

2- God is the only ar our souls find rest.

St. Augustine famously stated, \"You have made united state for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” our souls will continue to be restless if we proceed to hide out and also look for rest all over other 보다 God. As soon as we retreat come be v God ours souls will uncover deep rest and we will be able to find health and longevity.

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Jesus is inviting you right into this rest right now,

\"Come to me, all that labor and are hefty laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke ~ above you, and learn indigenous me, for ns am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Because that my yoke is easy, and also my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30


Repent of all various other hiding places and call a friend to confess and ask for aid if needed.Schedule rhythms of retreats through God. I’d recommend a daily joy time, weekly Sabbath, monthly retreat day, and an extensive sabbatical every 7 years.Make God the very first place girlfriend run when you room depleted.