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- that would"ve assumed he was qualified of such atrocities?

- Oh, Slink, ns hope he"s okay.

- Oh, a survivor.

- Where"s the rebel base? Talk!

- I deserve to see your will certainly is strong. Well, we have actually ways of making friend talk.

- Where are your rebel girlfriend now?

- Sid, her Pop Tarts are ready!

- all right!

(Woody screams)

(Extinguishes fire in water)

- space you every right?

- I"m proud that you, Sheriff. A lesser man would"ve speak under together torture.



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Actors: Tom Hanks (Sheriff Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear), Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head), john Ratzenberger (Hamm), Wallace Shawn (Rex), Joe Ranft (Wheezy), Jeff Pidgeon (Aliens), Jim Varney (Slinky Dog), Annie Potts (Bo Peep)

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