I think a cool game mechanic that would certainly be super helpful is knowing how much time is left the the day/night so you can know just how much time you have to be able to fight a boss or a Frost Moon or Pumpkin Moon because I recognize myself I always seem to generate a boss as well late and also its gone prior to I"m may be to kill it.Tell me if you guys additionally have the very same problem.

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First the all, there is the ar of the moon in the sky, and 2nd there room clocks, and I believe there is one accessory (I understand thats 3)
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First of all, over there is the location of the moon in the sky, and second there room clocks, and also I think there is an accessory (I understand thats 3)
I know yet im speak at the start of the game I want to know specifically how lot time is left with out having actually to get a clock have actually it being displayed by the hud would certainly be a lot much more convenient.
I know yet im saying at the beginning of the game I want to know exactly how lot time is left v out having actually to acquire a clock have actually it being shown by the hud would certainly be a lot more convenient.
Yeah, however it gives you the basic amount. The closer the is come the appropriate side that your display then the much less night you have actually left. The exact same goes for the sunlight in the day.
Yeah, yet it offers you the general amount. The closer it is come the best side the your display screen then the less night you have left. The exact same goes because that the sun in the day.

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These every tell girlfriend the time. The idea of having something in the hud carry out it without having actually these defeat the purpose of even making this in the an initial place
One must-have because that my arena is a couple clay pots, a dayglow seed, and a moonglow seed. Once they mature, I have a quick visual indicator of when night starts and also ends without see the position of the sunlight or moon (which can sometimes be blocked), making use of an accessory slot for a timepiece or GPS, or connecting with a clock. I can pretty reliably begin a Pumpkin Moon or Frost Moon at virtually exactly 7:30. Night is always 9 real-time minutes, therefore it"s not too tough to store a unstable track of come gauge just how much time I need to work with.