The best night in music is here! The 58th annual Grammy Awards will air top top Monday, February 15, in ~ 8 p.m. EST on CBS, and the star-studded lineup is insane.

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Be certain to watch it live, due to the fact that you never understand what can happen. (For example, if Yeezy reflects up, things can get really interesting v Taylor Swift.) yet feuds aside, there are also plenty of performances to look front to.

Here space the five moments we can’t wait to see:


Taylor Swift performs on stage throughout ‘The 1989 civilization Tour’ in ~ LSU Tiger stadion in Baton Rouge, LA, on may 22, 2015. Christopher Polk/Getty photos for TAS

1. Taylor Swift opening the Show

Nice to accomplish you, whereby you been? After she banner year cultivating her struggle album 1989, Swift, 26, will be opening the show. With her knack because that theatrics and dozens of side feuds, we can’t wait to watch what happens.


Lin-Manuel Miranda performs at the opened night the ‘Hamilton’ top top Broadway at Richard Rodgers Theatre on Aug. 6, 2015, in new York City. Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

2. The cast of Hamilton

Thank goodness it’s Presidents’ job — since one of the starting fathers will certainly be honored in ~ the annual awards present with a telecast power from the cast of Hamilton. This is a rare chance to view the Broadway cast — headed up by writer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda — since the actual display is sold out because that months. The great White way meets mainstream music? We’re there!


Lady Gaga performs during the 57th annual Grammy Awards in 2015. Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

3. Lady Gaga’s Tribute to David Bowie

Though it’s early on in the year, the world has already lost a legend in british rocker David Bowie. To make sure the music good is psychic properly, Lady Gaga, 29, will certainly be offering a tribute. Fresh turn off her extensively praised rendition the the national anthem in ~ Super bowl 50, she seems prefer the perfect pick for this special moment.

4. Adele’s Performance

Though Adele’s 25 album isn’t eligible because that this year’s awards, she still gracing united state mere commoners with her relocating vocal stylings. Sources tell united state Weekly the she will certainly be singing her brand-new ballad, “All i Ask.” So gain ready for the waterworks. 


Kendrick Lamar performs at #GETPUMPED live event. Reebok and also Kendrick Lamar Take end The roads Of Hollywood, Fusing Fitness and Music with a Ground-Breaking event on march 24, 2015, in West Hollywood. Chris Weeks/Getty images for Reebok

5. Kendrick Lamar’s “Controversial” Performance

Following Beyoncé’s controversial Super key 50 Halftime Show, rapper Kendrick Lamar is collection to have actually his very own buzzed-about power at the Grammys. Hold LL Cool J said the females of The Talk, “Kendrick Lamar’s performance will be very controversial. There will certainly be a most conversations about that … ns think that’s what art is about. The about an overwhelming society’s values and also morals and also stimulating castle to have a conversation about specific issues.” 

The 58th annual Grammy Awards airs ~ above CBS on Monday, February 15, in ~ 8 p.m. EST. Tell Us: Who room you most excited to see?

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