1  quest You use what in questions once you questioning for certain information around something the you execute not know. What perform you want?..., `Has something happened?"—`Indeed that has."—`What?"..., Hey! What are you doing?    What is additionally a determiner., det What time is it?..., `The heater works."  

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2  conj 
You use what after particular words, especially verbs and adjectives, once you room referring to a instance that is unknown or has not been specified. You deserve to imagine what it would certainly be like driving a car into a brick wall at 30 mile an hour..., I want to know what taken place to Norman..., perform you recognize what those idiots have actually done?..., We had never viewed anything like it before and also could not watch what to execute next..., She turn scarlet indigenous embarrassment, as soon as she realized what she had actually done.    What is also a determiner., det I didn"t recognize what university I wanted to walk to..., ns didn"t know what else to say., ...an investigate to ascertain to what degree colleges space responding come the needs of industry.  
3  conj 
You use what at the beginning of a i in frameworks where you are transforming the stimulate of the information to provide special emphasis to something., (emphasis) What specifically triggered turn off yesterday"s revolt is tho unclear..., What i wanted, more than anything, was a couple of days" rest...  
4  conj You use what in expressions such as what is called and also what quantities to when you are providing a description of something. She had been in what doctors explained as an irreversible vegetative state for 5 years...  
5  conj 
You use what to indicate that you space talking around the totality of an amount that is accessible to you. He drinks what is left in his glass as if it to be water...    What is additionally a determiner., det (=whatever) They had had to use what money they had.  
6  convention 
You to speak `What?" come tell who who has actually indicated that they desire to speak come you the you have heard them and also are inviting them to continue. SPOKEN, formulae `Dad?"—`What?"—`Can I have the auto tonight?"  
7  convention 
You say `What?" as soon as you ask someone to repeat the point that they have just said since you did no hear or understand it properly. `What?" is more informal and less polite 보다 expressions such together `Pardon?" and `Excuse me?". SPOKEN, formulae `They can paint this place," she said. `What?" the asked.  
8  convention 
You to speak `What" come express surprise., (feelings) `Adolphus Kelling, ns arrest girlfriend on a fee of smuggling in narcotics."—`What?"  
9  predet You use what in exclamations come emphasize one opinion or reaction., (emphasis) What a dreadful thing to do..., What a liven day.    What is likewise a determiner., det What ugly things; throw them away, throw them away..., What great news, Jakki.  
10  adv 
You use what to suggest that you room making a guess about something such as an lot or value. ADV n It"s, what, eleven year or an ext since he"s viewed him...  
11 You to speak guess what or carry out you understand what to introduce a item of information which is surprising, i beg your pardon is not typically known, or i m sorry you want to emphasize. ♦guess what/do you understand what 
 convention Guess what? I"m going to dinner in ~ Mrs. Combley"s tonight...  
12 In conversation, you to speak or what? after ~ a inquiry as a way of stating an opinion forcefully and also showing the you expect other people to agree. ♦or what 
 phrase cl PHR  (emphasis) Look at the moon. Is the beautiful or what?..., Am ns wasting mine time here, or what?  
13 You say so what? or what of it? to show that the previous remark seems unimportant, uninteresting, or irrelevant to you. ♦so what, what the it  convention  (feelings) (=so) `I skipped off college today,"  
14 You speak `Tell you what" to introduce a ide or offer. ♦tell girlfriend what 
 phrase PHR cl Tell girlfriend what, let"s remain here another day.  
15 You usage what around at the beginning of a question when you do a suggestion, offer, or request. ♦what about 
 phrase PHR n/-ing What around going out v me tomorrow?...  
16 You use what about or what of as soon as you introduce a brand-new topic or a suggest which seems relevant to a ahead remark. ♦what about/of 
 phrase PHR group/cl Now you"ve talked about work ~ above daffodils, what about other commercially important flowers, prefer roses?...  
17 You say what around a specific person or thing when you ask someone to define why they have asked you around that person or thing. ♦what about 
 phrase PHR n `This point with the Corbett woman."—`Oh, yeah. What about her?"  
18 You to speak what have actually you at the end of a list in order come refer typically to other things of the exact same kind. ♦what have actually you 
 phrase n PHR, n and/or PHR  (vagueness) So countless things space unsafe these days  
19 You to speak what if at the beginning of a question once you ask around the after-effects of miscellaneous happening, especially something undesirable. ♦what if  phrase PHR cl What if this doesn"t occupational out?...  
20 If you recognize what"s what, you know the necessary things that must be known about a situation. ♦what"s what 
 phrase PHR after ~ v You need to know what"s what and when to attract the line..., You have to come across the river through us. Then you will really see what"s what.  
 What"s is the normal spoken type of `what is" or `what has", particularly when `has" is an assistant verb. 

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