In the human being of Pokémon, some Pokemon types are weaker 보다 others. These room the weakest varieties in the game, ranked.

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lot of Pokemon"s fight system boils under to form matchups. You deserve to have every the an effective moves you want, yet if they"re not very effective on her opponent, you"re not going to get very far. Knowing how all eighteen types interact with one an additional is a an overwhelming task, but it"s crucial to be the ideal there ever before was.

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Some types have many much more weaknesses 보다 others, and if you"re spring to use those ones, you"ll have to be certain to prevent their counters. Below are the types with the most weaknesses.

Note: many Pokemon space dual-types, definition they will connect with other varieties differently than these types will on their own.

Updated on April 26, 2021 by Michael Christopher: When you build a Pokemon team, you"ll desire to make sure you cover your weaknesses. We"ve updated this perform to make certain it"s crystal-clear and also helpful. Inspect out our perform of all form matchups for much more information, together well. 


10 Steel and also Dark

a separation image v klinklang top top one side and liepard ~ above the other
pan who understand their type matchups can be surprised to stole on this list, yet it in reality ties through Dark in terms of variety of weaknesses. Regardless of having a chuck 10 resistances (11 in Generation V and earlier), the most of any type of type, and an immunity, steel actually has actually three weaknesses, every of i beg your pardon is reasonably common. These space Fighting, Fire, and also Ground, three types that are very commonly provided in the vain scene.

Dark, ~ above the various other hand, additionally has three weaknesses, gift Bug, Fairy, and also Fighting, and an immune in Psychic. video clip OF THE DAY

9 Dragon and Psychic

a break-up image with dratini top top one side and also wynaut ~ above the other
prefer Dark and Steel, Psychic and also Dragon additionally have three weaknesses. The reason they room placed higher on this list, though, is due to the fact that Dark and also Steel have an immune each, making them ever-so-slightly much less weak to things.

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Psychic is weak come Dark, Bug, and also Ghost, when Dragon is weak come itself, Fairy, and Ice. Dragon and Psychic room both no effective against another type offensively, though, v Dark being immune come Psychic and Fairy being immune to Dragon. Both Psychic and Dragon are highly-specialized types, so carry out your research before including them to her team.


8 Fire

fennekin in the pokemon anime
Fire is a mostly-offensive type, regardless of being second to steel for the most resistances. Numerous Fire-type attacks are focused on pure offense and also attack power, and Fire-types frequently have high Attack and Special Attack.

Fire"s disadvantage is also that it"s weak to a couple of common species that are supplied offensively rather often, these gift Water, Ground, and also Rock. As three of the many commonly-used types, Fire-types are exceptionally vulnerable and also should be used carefully. Luckily, Fire-types can not be burned, therefore they have a slight benefit there.

7 Bug

a spinarak on officer jenny via
Bug-types are terrible offensively, being stood up to by 7 types, placing them in ~ a significant disadvantage in the regard. They also tie through Fire, Psychic, and also Dark for their number of weaknesses — three. Bug-types are weak to Fire, Rock, and Flying.

In Generation I, Bug-types were additionally weak to Poison, so they, fortunately, received a slim buff as soon as that weakness to be removed. Unfortunately, an insect is resisted by Fairy, for this reason they got knocked back down a small bit. ~ above average, Bug-types likewise have the lowest basic HP stats out of the eighteen types. Bad things.


6 Ground

sandslash in the pokemon anime
together a generally defensive type, one could think floor wouldn"t be on this list, but it is. Tied through the other species already mentioned, Ground has three weaknesses: Water, Grass, and Ice. This type really wouldn"t have a an excellent time in the arctic pine woodlands of the world.

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Interestingly, rock is also weak come Water and also Grass. Through Rock and Ground regularly being paired together, this opens up those Pokemon come a ton the double-weakness they need to watch out for. They"ll take it those Fire-types under easily, though.

5 Flying

It"s seldom worth evaluating which weakness a pure Flying-type would certainly have, since only three of castle exist throughout all eight generations: Tornadus, Rookidee, and also Corvisquire. Paris is really frequently paired v the Normal-type, which, in fairness, has the same weaknesses as pure Flying.

The three species that will certainly take under a Flying-type space Ice, Rock, and Electric. With three resistances and also an immunity to Ground-types, paris doesn"t have actually much to concern about, though. However, there space a the majority of strategies the look to do Flying-types fragile to soil attacks, consisting of Smack Down and also Gravity.


4 Fighting

The last kind on this list to be tied with 3 weaknesses is the Fighting-type. Fighting is weak to Flying, Psychic, and Fairy. Fighting-types space used much more offensively, choose Fire-types, definition that you"ll have to watch out for their vulnerabilities.

In generations I through V, Fighting has one less weakness, as the Fairy-type did not exist yet. Offensively, Fighting has the honor of being the just weakness that Normal-types. However, Ghost-types room immune to Fighting attacks, therefore make certain to protect against that at any time possible, especially due to the fact that Ghost-types frequently learn a many Psychic-type attacks.

3 Ice

Often considered the worst form defensively, ice surprisingly doesn"t take the height spot ~ above this list. Ice-types are weak to an unfortunate four types, yet that still isn"t sufficient to make them the worst, defensively. Ice cream is weak come Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel, and also it resists only itself.

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One perk, though, is that Ice-types can not be frozen or knocked the end by sheer Cold. They"re likewise immune to Hail. Ice is regularly used as an offensive type, especially to take under the typical Dragon- and Ground-types the the world. Watch out, Garchomp.


2 Rock

"Rock is such a protective type," many might say. And, they"re right. Rock-types are, to placed it bluntly, rock-solid, with a high median defense stat — one of the greatest of any type. Unfortunately, rock is tied for first place for the many weaknesses, through five.

these weaknesses encompass Grass, Water, Fighting, Steel, and Ground. To make matters worse, rock is frequently paired with Ground or Water, offering it a series of double-weaknesses. Luckily, Rock-types space immune come Sandstorm, and also their unique defense increases throughout a sandstorm.

1 Grass

bad Grass-type. This natural and also foliage-based form ties for the height spot for having the most weaknesses, and many players protect against using that for that reason. Grass is weak come an incredible five types: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison. Simply to include insult come injury, it"s additionally not really effective offensively, stood up to by Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Poison, Steel, and also itself.

It"s an overwhelming to make an excellent use that the Grass-type in the competitive scene, but if done right, it can be as an effective as any other type. Just make certain not to match it with something favor Ice or Steel, which will certainly make the double-weak to Fire.

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