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Aircraft using gps navigation under IFR have to havean approved and operational alternate method of navigation suitable to the flight.The general practitioners operation need to be performed in accordance with the FAA-approved aircraft flight manual (AFM) or trip manual supplement.

GPS residential en route and terminal IFR operations deserve to be conducted with correctly installedsystems, butavionics essential to obtain the ground-based facilities suitable for the routemust be installed and also operational, andfacilities crucial for these routes must additionally be operational.Ground-based navigation devices is not compelled for en path IFR RNAV operations once using general practitioners WAAS navigation systems.

To use general practitioners for IFR approaches, you need to use general practitioners avionics the are correctly approved and installed, and also all technique procedures to be flown must be retrievable indigenous the airborne navigating database. You must also be certain to examine GPS NOTAMs for possible satellite outages.

You need to become familiar v the “terminal come area” (TAA) ide (AIM 5-4-5), which is designed for transitioning plane equipped v area navigation (RNAV) capability from the en course structure come the terminal environment.

The TAA supplies a "T" design, through 1 come 3 initial technique fixes (IAF); an intermediate fix; a final technique fix (FAF), and a let go approach point (MAP) usually located at the runway threshold.

When ATC removes you to enter the TAA, fly directly to the IAF linked with the area in which friend enter and also maintain the portrayed altitude.

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What is WAAS?

The large Area Augmentation device (WAAS) corrects general practitioners signals to enhance system accuracy.This amplified accuracy has actually made it feasible to develop a new class of strategy procedures -- approach with upright Guidance (APV). APVs provide vertical guidance based upon GPS v WAAS corrections.

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You room probably familiar with terms for technique minimums on typical approaches, however you will certainly notice several brand-new terms in the approach minimums ar of RNAV(GPS) charts. This include:
LPV (localizer performance with vertical guidance) denotes minimum with digital lateral and vertical guidance detailed by GPS. LNAV/VNAV: LNAV/VNAV (lateral navigation/vertical navigation) identifies minimums occurred to accommodate an RNAV IAP with vertical guidance, usually detailed by approach certified Baro-VNAV. Aircraft using LNAV/VNAV minimums descend via an internally produced descent path based upon satellite or other technique approved VNAV systems.LNAV. LNAV (lateral navigation) is for lateral navigation only, and the approach minimum altitude is published as a minimum lower altitude (MDA). LNAV gives the exact same level of business as the present GPS stand alone approaches.

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