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The mood in this story is one that is sinister, threatening and also disturbing as we move ever further down into the catacombs that Montresor"s family members home and also we move ever before closer to the grim revenge the he has planned versus Fortunato. That is vital to focus on exactly how the description...

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The mood in this story is one the is sinister, threatening and disturbing together we move ever further down into the catacombs the Montresor"s family members home and we move ever closer to the grim revenge that he has actually planned against Fortunato. The is crucial to emphasis on just how the summary of the setting is provided to create and also sustain this mood. Think about the complying with quote:

We continued our route searching for the amontillado. Us passed with a selection of low arches, descended, passed on, and, to decrease again, came down on a deep crypt in which the foulness the the air reasons our flambeaux fairly to glow than flame.

Note the repetition of the word "descended" - we are walking ever before further deeper into the dark catacombs, so much so the we room disorientated and also we have actually no idea of whereby we are. What is clear is the we have actually arrived in ~ a crypt, whereby dead human being are buried, and that the air is for this reason foul that also the torches space subdued. Clearly Poe is do the efforts to collection the scene for the shocking events that are around to unfold.

I think another key passage the helps develop the atmosphere of horror is as soon as Montresor lastly shackles Fortunato right into the alcove native which he will never ever leave:

In an prompt he had actually reached the extremity of the niche, and finding his progress arrested by the rock, was standing stupidly bewildered. A moment much more and I had actually fettered him come the granite. In its surface ar were two iron staples, distant from each other around two feet horizontally. From among these depended a short chain, native the various other a padlock. Cram the links about his waist, that was but the work of a few seconds come secure it. He to be too lot astounded to resist.

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What strikes me around this i is the method that Montresor is maybe to define the chains and also their place with cool, calm, precision, also while the is to plan a most heinous crime and also a devastating death. The tone he take away adds come the the atmosphere of horror that constrain this excellent but terrifying work-related of short fiction.