Many civilization have inquiry me this question, What is that EXT harbor on a PS4 controller. I’ve been making use of PS4 due to the fact that it came out, and honestly, I never paid any kind of attention to it! The first time as soon as this question involved me, i was like, oh, i don’t know.

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So, this is when I began searching about the secret PS4 controller EXT port. In this article, I will share all the details that I gathered and try to answer all of your questions about this PS4 EXT port.

The EXT port acts as a USB 2 connector, and I found various accessories that can be attached making use of this port.

DualShock 4 Charging Station


The real purpose behind the EXT harbor on the DualShock 4 is to fee the controller utilizing the charging station. Similar to the USB harbor on the back, you have the right to charge your controller by placing that on the charging station.

You can simply place your controllers top top the charging dock, and it will begin charging them. It has actually room for two separate controllers to be charged at the same time.

The charging station also works together a stand and looks an excellent on the desk. The dock does no come v the PS4, and you’ll have to purchase separately.

Other than the main Sony charging station, countless different brands room selling similar charging docks ~ above Amazon.

Sony has additionally launched a DualSense charging station for PS5 controllers. The product is well in need and restricted to one every household.

Dualshock 4 earlier Button Attachment


Another accessory friend can affix using the EXT port is the earlier button attachment for the DualShock 4 controller. The adds two additional buttons to the behind of the controller with a tiny round-shaped LED display screen on the back to regulate your presets.

You can attach this v your controller making use of the adjustable 3.5mm jack plus the EXT harbor (both at the same time). When it’s on, it’s organized in over there pretty well.

A most you could don’t also know what the back button attachments is. This will provide your DualShock 4 two totally re-mappable buttons ~ above the earlier of the controller. This is something checked out in a lot of higher-end controllers offered on the market. Many notably, Microsoft’s Elite series controllers.

You can know around the scuff controllers that offer ago buttons the go for well end a hundred to two hundred dollars. And also this is Sony’s first official offering and retroactively cost-effective systems with a cost of around $30.

Wireless Mini key-board for PS4


Another cool accessory that you can connect using the EXT harbor is the mini wireless keyboard. This one is additionally attached by plugging in the 3.5mm jack and also the EXT harbor together. There are many different brands easily accessible with slightly various designs. Part keyboards have actually EXT and also 3.5mm jack, and some only have actually a 3.5mm jack.

You have the right to easily attach it under their controller and also start messaging. That isn’t easy and time-consuming to form with the controller buttons, and this key-board makes typing really user-friendly. Most of the time, i don’t usage a mic as soon as gaming, and also this keyboard comes in an extremely handy for rapid in-game messaging.

If girlfriend are favor me, who watches a most YouTube top top his PS4, this key-board is a must-have. It provides typing easy and also fast.

Most the these conversation pads have actually two buttons underneath, one for on/off and one for Bluetooth connectivity. Friend will likewise find a charging port and a 3.5mm port to affix your headset.

EXT port for Headsets and Headphones


I was able to discover some headsets through EXT jack, however they were really rare, and also I don’t think they space in share anymore. There is currently a 3.5mm harbor for headsets, so creating them through the EXT jack doesn’t seem prefer a great idea either.

Final Words

So, the EXT port is simply a port like various other ports supplied to connect accessories or charging the device. The sole objective was to usage it because that the charging station, but a few more accessories were may be to use the connectivity chance at the bottom.

Let’s watch what much more accessories we acquire in the future that provides this EXT port. Ns thought possibly Sony would remove it in the future. But as that now, they have contained it in the PS5 controller.

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