Lud enemy is a fast-rising American rapper who is ideal known because that his drill and gangster raps. He completed fame ~ he released his struggle singles in 2016, licensed has been granted Cuttin Up and I’m Da Man. The Chicago-based drill rapper has functioned with various other top rappers, including Lil Durk, Lil Bibby, Lil Herb, and also Toni Romiti, to surname a few. Except his music, Lud Foe also runs a YouTube channel referred to as Elevator. Learn much more about the talented hip-hop star below.

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Lud opponent Bio

The Drill Rapper was born ~ above July 15, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois in the united States. His real name is will certainly James Akins and also he to be born to afri American parents. He has American citizenship and also belongs come the black color ethnic group. The enemy had a difficult childhood and he prospered up in a really dangerous ar where anyone carries a gun to safeguard themselves every day. Together a teenager, Lud enemy dropped the end of high school after suggesting with his classmate, a teacher, and his principal. He was then detained because that a year, and also when he was released, the teenager never went ago to school. He wanted to require to the streets and concentrate on his career together a rapper.

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Why to be He Arrested In Illinois?

In December 2017 Lud opponent was arrested through the Joliet Police in Illinois. He to be convicted of residential violence including his pregnant wife and also her mother. The incident emerged in his apartment in Cumberland Court, Plainfield, ~ a boil argument in between the rapper and also his 24-year-old pregnant partner. His girlfriend said Lud adversary punched her in the challenge when he moved her from she bed in she apartment. However, as soon as her mother tried come intervene, enemy is also said to have actually slapped her and pushed she away.

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In addition, the rapper prevented she from contacting the police, which led to her mother to push the scare button, and the police in Joliet were alerted. ~ above arrival, Lud foe was arrested and also charged with domestic violence, and she was also hindered in reporting domestic violence to the police. He to be checked right into Will ar Prison and was later scheduled to show up in court.

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Meanwhile, this is not the first time a rapper has actually been judge of residential violence. Some other prominent and well-known rappers such together Dr. Dre, Fabulous, Nasir, and also Eminem, to name a few, likewise have a background of domestic violence and domestic abuse.