Do you obtain a tiny confused looking with your teen’s Instagram or Twitter feeding lately and seeing a crazy amount of brand-new code-like phrases? You aren’t alone.

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If you include together the renowned hashtags kids use and the coded phrases, you’ll discover yourself learning an entirely brand-new language that likewise happens to be cultivation exponentially every day.

We’ve written around popular hashtags such as #tbh (to it is in honest), i beg your pardon is one abbreviation post by teenagers Instagram users (also referred to as #igers), Twitter users and SnapChat individuals that invites various other users come publically post honest comments about them.

While lot of the #tbh banter continues to be friendly and also flattering, the can and also does go southern if a #tbh comment such as “TBH you are a actual
#$!%” it s okay posted. Climate it’s an open speak to for both drama and also bullying.

Likewise, a few other new tags are emerging every week the are additionally being used by teens to exchange likes for “rates” or rankings on a user’s looks.

On Twitter

In an effort to get an ext “favorites” on a tweet, teenagers have developed a digital exchange system through phrases such as “fav for a rate” (#favforarate) or “fav for HDM” (#favforhdm). HDM way Honest direct Message.

The same code phrases use to SnapChat, where the score is likewise to accumulate favorite on story posts.

On Instagram

The very same ranking structure is popular on Instagram whereby it’s all about accumulating likes and comments (over or in ~ pace with peers). Therefore hashtags such as #likeforHDM #likeforrate, #commentforrate and also #commentforTBH space all pitched as means to get straight messages or rankings top top looks.

• One hashtag the is harmless and also fun but could easily go south is #sorrynotsorry, which a sarcastic way of saying, “I’ll say sorry yet I intended what I claimed or did.”


• one more phrase that is camouflaged for obvious reasons is: “let’s clock Netflix and chill,” which method “come over and also make out.”

In the past we’ve written generally on hashtags that deserve to alert you, parent, come potential dangers such as:

#nsfw = no safe for work-related (post will encompass nudity, etc.)

#pron = porn

#thinspro, #secretsociety123 & #ana = anorexia

#lmirl = let’s fulfill in actual life#420 = marijuana

#CU46 = view you quickly for sex


Family talk Points:

Emotional scars. lug up the object of asking for compliments and get candid about the emotion hits they might take by participating in this exchange.Asking because that other human being to publically or even via direct Message come rank your looks or what they think of friend is type of like tossing a grenade approximately like a warm potato. Someone will get shed eventually.

Include her boys. It’s simple to think this is all about girls flirting or fishing for

compliments but boys ask because that #rates, #tbh, #hdm just as lot as the girls so have tendency to their hearts and minds as well.

Bully bait? there’s absolutely no excuse for cyber bullying and also victims are absolutely not questioning to it is in bullied. There are, however, part online actions that may put kids more at danger to be bullied—whether they establish it or not.

Approval addiction. speak to her kids about the risk of purposely soliciting compliments, the emotion peril of gaining used to it and also becoming desensitized come true compliments and also trusting others’ honesty.

Objectification. If you have a girl, talk about the concept of objectification of women and how damaging it is come her and women, in general, come ask for a ranking based upon looks there is no considering the whole person.

Focus on the unseen.

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The social networking kingdom for teenagers right currently (like that or not) is all about the visible. It’s around the selfie, the adventurous looking life, and also the documenting outings for others to see. It will evolve to deeper things as soon as the selfie nation mentality operation its course, most cultural trends do. Yet until then, affirm her teens, males, and females. Focus on your character, values, and also opinions. Remind them often of just how much you notice their evolving maturity. Tell them exactly how much they typical to you and also the human being who truly recognize them and also love them.

Have friend noticed your tweens or teenagers using concealed language virtual or via text? Please add to ours list!