The porch light normally emits a yellow radiance. That is very standard and usual. However, other color choices can convey different messages.

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The shade of your patio light can reflect a lot of different things. So, let’s talk about the meaning behind your porch light color.

Our findings of research show the different meanings of various colors of the porch light, continue reading to find out.These are the different colors of the porch lights and what they mean:Blue Light: Police respect or Autism AwarenessGreen Light: The awareness of VeteransRed Light: The awareness for American HeartPurple Light: The awareness of Domestic violenceFurthermore, we will discuss in detail the above-mentioned porch light tones, so you realize the correct time to turn them on and the meaning of it when you do. This is going to be very informative, hold tight!
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The meaning of a Blue Porch Light

On November 11th every year, people in the US honor the veterans of the nation on Veterans Day. Other than taking part in festivals, people also show their support and respect by turning on their green light of the porch on November 11th or for the rest of the month as well.Additionally, people also turn on their green porch light in March for the celebration of St.Patrick’s Day.Enlightened Landscape Lights also states that the green lights also might just represent the awareness of Lyme disease in the month of May.Not to forget the Light up Green campaign is recognized worldwide and not just nationwide. Read green porch light deep meaning here.

The meaning of a Red Porch Light

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The porch light colors blue, red, green, and purple indicate a lot of significant matters. Like heart health to honor veterans, domestic violence awareness, etc.If you see these colors in your neighborhood you would know what it represents.

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