Pokemon Go has a many of facility and confuse elements, and it doesn’t take it up too much time explaining them every to players. Instead they room left to figure them the end for themselves. This has led come a many confusion, but also a many of interesting interactions, v players working with each other to resolve the much more puzzling facets of Pokemon Go. To aid out, we’re gonna define one of this confusing pieces. So here’s our guide explaining what perform the leaves median in Pokemon Go.

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If you’ve been playing Pokemon walk for a while, walking around and also trying to capture Pokemon, then you’ve surely watched the rustling leaves all approximately the map. What do they mean? essentially the very same thing the they perform in the consistent Pokemon games. To make it simple: there’s a Pokemon nearby.

Sure, you have your adjacent list top top the bottom best of the display screen to display what is close to you, but it doesn’t hint at the actual place of the Pokemon themselves. This is what the pipeline do, mirroring you the a Pokemon is likely in that details area.

Not always though, and sometimes they’ll run away prior to you have the right to make it come them. Still, the leaves in Pokemon Go are a an extremely helpful device for recognize Pokemon. If you view them ~ above the map, and you’re make the efforts to catch some new Pokemon, then head to them. It might do nothing, you could get there and also no Pokemon will certainly appear. However, it can lead appropriate to everything Pokemon you’re spring for.

Pokemon walk helps allude you in the direction of new Pokemon in a variety of ways, and also the pipeline are simply one. For an ext tips on exactly how to find and catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go examine out this other guide. If you have any kind of other questions be certain to permit us recognize in the comments.

- This post was updated on march 8th, 2018

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