As a secondary, what is the relation between bronze silver and also gold medals, and also how lot experience carry out they reward?

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The medals are just for the first, second, and 3rd place for each group (Eliminations, target Kills, objective Time, damages Done, and Healing Done) various other than Deaths on your team. The bonus XP is 50 because that a copper medal, 100 because that a silver medal, and also 150 because that a gold medal. Note that you deserve to only receive a single bonus, matching your most an useful medal.



Medals room based off exactly how well you space doing contrasted to your typical stats top top a map and objective and also are readjusted to the moment the answer the it is first second and third place is false becuase muilple can gain a yellow medal in a match without tying in those stats v other best player becuase your whole team can gain gold medals for eliminations and also objective times


SaintWacko has actually stated, the Overwatch player statistics because that medals space equations that function. See below for equations:

( elim + objk + objt + dd + hd )

Eliminations + Objective death + target Time + damages Done + heal Done


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