One of my friends readily available to take my DS & DD too institution today in return because that me taking her DD yesterday, i beg your pardon is good but difficulty is Im now sat right here twiddling mine thumbs! ns up to date on all the housework, tea is in the slow cooker already, I"ve obtained no errands to run & that raining, so what carry out I do?
So what"s her plans today?What would certainly you carry out if you had actually a day to yourself?

I would prefer to be lying on a sandy coast somewhere warm with a cocktail BUT.... I"m act housework climate walking a mission (probably in the rain) to a toddler team with mine LO


If i didn"t need to do nursery operation then walk to job-related then it is in in about 20 areas at as soon as I would most likely sit and watch movies with chocolates and wine!
I had planned on obtaining all the housework done however woke up feeling favor crap with a migraine, sore eyes and a runny sleep so to be going to have a pair of hrs sleep and hope that renders me feeling better
Mm, the believed of lie on a sandy beach v a cocktail is lovely, sadly not going to take place though
Currently got great ol" Jezza on & munching my way through some cacao (there go the diet however again), completely bored though.. Its like I moan that ns never obtain a rest & once I carry out I dont know what too perform with it!

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I have obtained loads to do however when increase the town to purchase a new pair that pumps rather .. I have a date tomorro and my old pair were a bit rough lol ... So currently I gotta play record up .. Altho its my nightoff tonight and got nothing planned so no sirloin lol
Im waiting for my 15 yr old to wake up, so we deserve to have an afternoon in town. She needs shoes and also other ingredient for she prom in July.
Been come the gym had actually a bath .gonna do my nails letter,shopping beforehand night as hungover.i really want to acquire a face dye my hair and also go clothing shopping but can"t together skint together booked a hol- i m sorry is eras away:(
Got quite a lot excellent so far so simply checking emails. So far today I have washed up, tidyed up, watered plants, placed a load of washing on line, another load in the device and then to put all away. Just gained hoovering come do and also put clean clothes away then all chores space done.

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Ive just just managed to get a shower and also were in ~ the medical professionals in an hour. Ns bet you deserve to guess exactly how my job going...
My plan is to enter labour... However we"ll see just how that one dram out! I"m currently sat on my sphere doing a crossword! No energy at all!