They say meeting your perfect complement "takes time." They to speak you"ll find your complement "when you the very least expect it." Well, what if we said you might find your perfect match, ideal here, appropriate now?

Take the guess-work out of selecting a foundation by following thee an easy steps. Even if it is you room shopping virtual or in your favorite drugstores with wet n wild, the perfect photograph Focus foundation shade is appropriate there and also waiting because that you. Our cult-favorite Photo emphasis Foundations come in 3 luxurious finishes and also twenty beautiful shades ranging from our porcelain to walnut. Now is the time to meet your perfect foundation match!

Let"s get Started.

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STEP 1: discover THE finish FOR her SKIN TYPE

You"ve heard that our signature Photo focus Liquid structure Makeup come in 2 finishes: Matte and also Dewy. But how in the human being do you choose between these 2 WILD favorites?

How to choose Matte vs. Dewy Foundation

Matte: You deserve to think the matte foundation as the Marilyn Monroe of foundations -- classic, sophisticated, and also camera prepared 100% that the time. Matte foundation is ideal for minimizing shine, therefore if you have oily or combination skin, matte is the method to go. Ours Photo focus Matte foundation reduces shine in photos, too, because it functions a light-diffusing complicated that eliminates flashback. Oh, and also did we point out that the erases pores? Basically, matte foundation is because that you room looking come calm down acne-prone skin, or if you"re increase on her selfie game.

Dewy: top top the upper and lower reversal side, dewy foundation creates a glowing, youthful look. Ours wild persons love it beacuse the blurs imperfections while appearing natural. The "s best for dry skin types because it"s hydrating and also won"t folds in good lines. Coverage is buildable, so girlfriend can apply medium coverage or construct up to complete coverage. If you do occur to have actually oily skin, but you love the radiant watch of dewy foundation, make sure you use a mattifying challenge primer prior to your foundation.

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Satin Matte: If you like the sound of both matte and also dewy foundation, satin-matte or semi-matte foundation may it is in the way to go. Obtainable as one easy-to-apply stick foundation, Satin Matte supplies the best of both civilizations as that minimizes pores prefer a matte foundation, however adds a soft sheen prefer a dewy foundation.