200 E Austin StreetKermit, TX 79745Contact the credit Union open Today:Lobby Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pmDrive-Up Hours: 9:00 to be - 5:30 pm


WesTex neighborhood Credit Union has been open since 1960. The credit union has assets totaling $138.68 Million and also provides banking services to more than 14,000 members.

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Membership: The credit union is a member-owned financial participating providing bank services including savings, loans, and other financial services to members. Member is likewise open to immediate family members of existing members.
Contact the Main Office location at 200 E Austin Street by phone call (432) 586-6631 or contact the credit union by any of this means:

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Service Status

Is WesTex community CU down? inspect conditions of assorted services from the credit union. Friend can also report a trouble if you room experiencing an outage of one of the credit union"s services. You deserve to report downtime with virtual services, favor website, digital banking, and also mobile app and also traditional services for this details Main Office location, including telephone, ATM, and also the branch"s physics availability.

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Where have the right to I uncover the WesTex community CU login because that Online Banking?Access to her accounts v online banking is obtainable login here.

Is WesTex neighborhood CU Mobile banking available?Yes, mobile banking because that members provides accessibility to her accounts. With aid getting setup, begin at the website.

Are WesTex neighborhood CU Auto loan available?Car/Truck/SUV loan are available at vain rates and terms. Complete details accessible online indigenous the website. Call this location and ask around pre-approval, payment address, or payoff address. Calculation Auto Loan amount v the straightforward online calculator.

How have the right to I use for a WesTex ar CU credit Card?The credit transaction union does sell credit cards come members. Come get much more information, present rates, and to use for a credit transaction card, go to the website. Calculate the credit card payoff month or payment because that your current card.

Are credit transaction Builder loan Available?Loans to aid rebuild or create credit are easily accessible to members. Get much more details in ~ the website.

Customer SupportNeeding personal assistance? call WesTex neighborhood CU in ~ (432) 586-6631.

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What is the routing number because that WesTex neighborhood CU?Get the routing number, assets, loans, and other financial information.