303 West Ohio united Methodist credit transaction Union is most likely terminated and also or no much longer active. One of two people the organization significant in their many recent form 990 the they have closed down, or castle haven't filed a type 990 in many years and appear to no longer be active.

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303 West Ohio unified Methodist credit transaction Union is a jae won institutions, credit union in Cincinnati, OH, i m sorry was established in 1969 and most recently had actually $1,026,372 in revenue and eight employees.
303 West Ohio united Methodist credit Union is son organization, under the parent exemption from Ohio hired Credit Unions.

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Form 990s because that 303 West Ohio unified Methodist credit Union

RevenuesFYE 12/2011FYE 12/2010% Change
Total grants, contributions, etc.$0$0-
Program services$540,384-
Investment income and also dividends$250,147-
Tax-exempt shortcut proceeds$0-
Royalty revenue$0-
Net rental income$0-
Net gain from sale of non-inventory assets$0-
Net earnings from fundraising events$0$0-
Net income from gaming activities$0$0-
Net income from sales the inventory$0$1,328-100%
Miscellaneous revenues$235,841-
Total revenues$1,026,372-

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