Laura Macaskill waited a year to get the tattoo and also even listened come Cher Lloyd whilst gaining inked.

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Laura's new tattoo has attracted a lot of attention. (Image: Instagram)

Laura said the image is other that always made her laugh therefore she chose to go for it.

She said: \"It was constantly something that cracked me up every time ns heard it and me and also my friends constantly make jokes about it and stuff.

\"The tattoo is in reality a yes, really nice lay out without the writing so I simply thought, 'you don't live forever! for this reason why not?'

\"Roberto believed I to be absolutely turn off my head yet I'm for this reason pleased v it. Everybody that has actually seen that is made up, castle love it!\"

The video went viral on YouTube (Image: YouTube)

Artist Robert added: \"Laura took trip down ~ above Sunday over there from Aberdeen and I honestly i trident-gaming.netuldn't believe someone was actually obtaining it tattooed ~ above her.

\"We had such a an excellent laugh act it we listened come Cher Lloyd in the background! Laura waited a year to get the tattoo since of the pandemic, ns was just delighted I got to ultimately do it! even thought the video clip is indigenous 2007, it's quiet so relevant today.\"

Laura's brand-new ink got a great reception once she mutual the images on society media.

The girls' mum storms in and also she wasn't happy (Image: YouTube)

One human said: \"this is most likely THE finest tattoo that ever exists or will exist.\"

Another said: \"NO F*****G WAY. Bless you.\"

Another human being wrote: \"Absolutely howling.\"

One human simply wrote: \"honestly love this.\"

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Laura obtained inked ~ above Sunday in ~ Skull and Rose, Glasgow. (Image: everyday Retrident-gaming.netrd)

examine out Roberto's web page here.

Last year, the famous meme even got a mention from Cher Lloyd that spoke around it ~ above Tik Tok.

She wrote: \"Think you deserve to hurt mine feelings? I'm forever attached with a Strident-gaming.netttish girl unflushed shet.\"

She then pulls on a face mask which has actually a cartoon that the two girls and also their mum v the words 'DISGUSTANG' above.

Cher Lloyd's Tik Tok go viral as with the original video (Image: TikTok)

And in the caption, Cher walk on to say she's proud come be component of a 'itrident-gaming.netnic moment in history' she wrote: \"Tbh actually rather proud come be component of this itrident-gaming.netnic minute in history.\"

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