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92% Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.
83% The Sinner
82% CSI: vegas
81% Dopesick
17% transform Ego
No Score however Batwoman
No Score however Behind the monsters
No Score however Chicago Fire
No Score however DC"s Legends of tomorrow
No Score however Winter residence
No Score however The masking Singer
No Score yet Chicago Med

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100% Arcane
71% Dexter: new Blood
No Score yet Narcos: Mexico
No Score yet Yellowstone
94% you
94% Squid video game
100% just Murders in the building
98% sequence
89% Midnight mass
83% Money Heist (La casa de papel)
93% Maid
67% The Shrink next Door


“Rotten tomato Is Wrong” About… Jennifer’s Body (with one-of-a-kind Guest Connor Franta)

justice League: dilemm on two Earths

No Score yet
Batman: over there is a difference in between you and also me. Us both stared into the abyss. But when the stared back... Friend blinked.
Batman: over there is a difference in between you and also me. Us both looked into the abyss, yet when that looked earlier as us, friend blinked.

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