The Terminus Aqua Park is an outdoor blow up water playground! the is the perfect an option for date of birth parties and also other events. The is appropriate for periods 5 and also up. Fees space $15 ~ above weekdays and $20 ~ above weekends. There is a wake up park at the very same venue that deserves a visit!

Address: 171 LakePoint Pkwy, Emerson, GA 39121

Phone: 470-315-0155

Seven Springs Water Park


The 7 Springs Water Park is situated at the Wild equine Creek Park. This tiny outdoor facility contains 2 water slides, a lazy river, and a kid splash pad through a zero-depth entry. If girlfriend live in the area and have tiny kids, this may be the perfect choice for her family. The is open throughout the summer months and also this year that is season start on the may 28th. Together for most of the water parks mentioned, both daily admission and also season passes are available.

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Address: 3820 Macedonia Road, flour Springs, GA 30127

Phone: 770-528-4035

Mountain Park Aquatic Center


Mountain Park is an at home aquatic center that includes a leisure pool, a lap pool, and a spa. Its recreation pool contains a slow-moving river and a swirling water vortex. Over there are various groups and classes you and also your household may join, such together water aerobics, swim classes, and safety courses. The at home aquatic center is open up year-round. One outdoor leisure pool is also easily accessible during part of the year.

Address: 1063 Rockbridge Road, rock Mountain, GA 30087

Phone: 678-277-0870

Hurricane harbor at six Flags over Georgia


Hurricane harbor is advertised together a multi-million dissension water park. That has whatever you room looking for and also then some. Your family will have the time that their lives surfing in the venue’s 4-foot waves or in their zero-gravity 5-story tide slide. Its 2018 season starts on may 25th. Since Hurricane harbor is had with the six Flags over Georgia admission, you may also go ahead and also enjoy the rest of the attractions the themed park needs to offer!

Address: 275 Riverside Pkwy SW, Austell, GA 30168

Phone: 770-739-3400

Helen Tubing and Waterpark

These room two different parks: Helen Tubing and also Helen Waterpark. This year there is a brand-new attraction in the waterpark: a 25-foot tall rock wall.

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It is perfect for every ages and even dogs can tube! over there are likewise outdoor go-karts. Fees differ in between the Tubing and the Waterpark.