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This is a review of an ongoing manga, it reflects my opinions up to chapter 11 but it can change later on if, you know, they fuck it up.It has been a very long time since a harem story had me interested in it's outcome, and being able to generate that feeling should be more than enough to give it the highest marks in its genre. That wonder doesn't come from wanting to know which girl will win, although it isn't too obvious yet, but from how many possible bad ends this story could have. Possibly multiple in a row.The initial idea is having as the main girl someone that sort of follows the "yandere" formula, in a light manner closer to Koharu no Hibi than Mirai Nikki. It's not too new but new enough. The MC is sort of a sister-con justified by having lost their parents and he has a circle of normal people around him that like him except for the fact he always ditches them to spend time with his little sister. Cool, nice guy, justified all around. The Yandere appears and it's still all good, she plays nice and only shows slight mental issues. This could be an open shut case.But around chapter 8, clearly in 11, we find out that every single character is pretty wacko. Probably much more than the main crazy girl. So far two characters seem to be outside the DSM-5 and I'm both choosing not to add the MC among them and assuming they won't stay there too long.This manga is an incredible idea. You couldn't fill up a harem of tsundere, kuudere or dandere characters; it would be completely boring. But a rooster of diverse degrees of yandere is very dynamic (since they are proactive characters) and leaves the reader trying to think just how many Nice Boats we can get.I'm more hyped for this than any other title I'm reading, so many possibilities and it's all coming so fast. Either if you want to see how far a harem story can get, or if you though that the genre was complete cookie cutter bullshit, you really should be reading this. At least up to chapter 11.