Music videos have actually the effect of making a track *pop*. It have the right to turn a mediocre song right into a an excellent song, and vice versa. A music video can rotate a tune from a low-key bop right into a music behemoth.

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Music videos can likewise be a We"re not talking videos v "hoes" and "b*tches" sexy, but much more an understated sexiness, one that tickles the senses and also leaves just enough to the imagination.

Here are justXmusic videos that definitely caused your sexual awakening.

The Jonas brother - "Burnin" Up"

Joe Jonas in those white pants tho. Nick Jonas in that red wetsuit/suit hybrid. Erm Kevin....

Britney Spears - "Slave 4 U"

From the sweaty room, Britney"s abs and the slight emotion you"d pick up a staph infection (as well together mono), "Slave 4 U" is the FIRE that"ll ignite even the most timid of desires.

Christina Aguilera - "Dirrty"

What else is there to say...

Panic! in ~ the Disco - "Girls/ Girls/ Boys"

Brendon sandwich...BRENDON SANDWICH.

Beyonce - "Baby Boy"

Has anyone do writhing roughly on some furs in one uncomfortable feather Swarovski brassiere while spanned in baby oil look much more appealing. Me thinks not, tbh.

Chris Issak - "Wicked Game"

The compensation for many mismatched video to track goes to chris Issak"s "Wicked Game". But when you get past that, girlfriend realise that all you"ve ever wanted to carry out is cavort about on the coast in black and white recreating a Ralph Lauren commercial native the mid-90s. Important sensual.

The 1975 - "Love Me"

Matty in a hot bath tub and make out with Harry Stlyes (kinda). DONE.

Marina and the Diamonds - "How to be A Heartbreaker"

Marina roaming about a men"s shower while warm boys every soap increase is simply too lot for anyone. An ext SEXUALISATION OF guys IN MUSIC VIDEOS PLS.

Fountains the Wayne - "Stacey"s Mom"

Every young boy"s wet dream...

t.A.T.u - "All The things She Said"

At the time, anyone lambasted this video for sexualising college girls (and, to be fair, the is a little bit dodge). But when you obtain past that you deserve to actually view a visual depiction of the expedition into two people"s very own sexual awakening. Add the fact that it"s raining and you"ve gained yourself peak Russian faux-lesbian music video clip bliss.

All American Rejects - "Swing Swing"

For when you realised the you"d be tape trash because that ever. Also, Tyson"s eyes...

Peter Andre - "Mysterious Girl"

This video made girlfriend realise that all males should really covered in oil, have washboard abs and curtains.

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N*Sync - "Girlfriend"

Cos this is as soon as you woke up and realised that Justin Timberlake to be prime eye-candy and that nothing in life would ever be the same again.