Overwatch players are nearly conditioned to react to McCree’s ultimate: If friend hear “IT’S HIGH NOON” mid-match, you either conveniently survey the area and run for her life, or you die. The sound cue is supposed to it is in useful and also informative.

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…unless of food someone starts abusing it. Nigma’s Vidya Channel take it McCree’s sound clip and also started play it at random intervals throughout real matches, simply to acquire a climb out that people. The result is quite funny:

Ha. Can you really get mad, though? also McCree’s voice actor accused does this while play Overwatch:

This is why I revolve off voice chat external of groups (and also then it’s seldom used due to the fact that of Skype).

mic says:

Eh, I supposed something a but an ext than mild irritation and also the weird “huh?”

Nigma’s Dota videos are much better.

transientmind says:

The only part that made me laugh to be hearing the reactions, “IT’S REAL, IT’S REAL” once he wasn’t trolling and also a bunch of world got struggle by the yes, really ult.

john says:

I do it about 30 seconds right into that video.. I am no going ago to capture that.Overwatch does no seem prefer my thing.


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