California chair belt legislation requires all citizens of a moving motor vehicle 8 year of age and also older to wear a safety and security belt. Children under 8 year of age should be limit in a car seat or booster chair in the back seat that a vehicle.

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children under the age of 2 should ride in a rear-facing car seat unless the kid weighs more than 40 pounds or is much more than 40 inch tall.

The primary statute requiring chair belts for adults is Vehicle code 27315 VC. This section states that any type of person 16 year or enlarge must wear a chair belt as soon as either control a vehicle; or, riding as a passenger in a vehicle.

There space four essential points come know around this code section.

While VC 27315 imposes legislations on wearing seat belts, it additionally requires vehicle owners to preserve safety belts in good working order.A chair belt ticket in California starts v a fine that $20.00 for the an initial offense and a well of $50.00 because that every subsequent offense. Please note these are “base fines.” The actual well a driver receives will certainly be significantly much more than the base fine. This is due to the fact that the actual fine contains fees and also penalty assessments.Legal defenses are easily accessible to persons that execute not undertake a chair belt. It’s in a person’s finest interests, though, come consult with an lawyer before difficult a ticket.

Our California auto accident attorneys will explain the following about California auto seat law:

2. The penalties for not wearing a chair belt3. Legal defenses if a driver violates the Motor automobile Safety Act6. Skip a ticket for violating VC 273157. Result of not wearing a seat belt ~ above a personal injury lawsuit8. Laws related to automobile Code 27315 VC


A driver or passenger that receives a ticket for no wearing a chair belt walk not have to immediately plead guilty to it.

3. Legal defenses if a driver violates the Motor automobile Safety Act

A driver or passenger that receives a ticket for no wearing a seat belt does not have actually to instantly plead guilty come it. He can always try to beat that by elevating a legal defense. However, if this is done, the human should obtain the assistance of a California attorney.

3.1. Typical defenses for not wearing a seat belt

There are three typical defenses for violating California’s mandatory chair belt laws. This are:

There to be an emergency that prevented a person from wearing a seat belt.A driver or passenger cannot wear a safety belt due to the fact that of a medical condition. (These passengers with clinical reasons should lug a doctor’s note.)11

As come this critical defense, please keep in mind that California courts have ruled the a police officer cannot offer a seat belt ticket to a human being if the officer has actually no other reason to avoid the human or vehicle.12 A driver or passenger have the right to only obtain a ticket because that no seat belt if the officer lawfully stops a auto for some various other reason, and then notices the driver or passenger is not wearing a chair belt.13

Please recognize that any type of legal defense a motorist raises will call for supporting evidence. The finest evidence typically includes:

WitnessesPhotographsSurveillance video

3.2. Call an knowledgeable lawyer for help

Drivers and also passengers have the right to represent themselves when complicated a ticket for not wearing a chair belt. But, it’s in the person’s ideal interests to contact an experienced California defense attorney for help.

A California website traffic lawyer is crucial when trying to challenge a ticket because:

Prosecutors typically give better deals to persons through lawyers.Defense attorneys know just how to gain charges reduced and dismissed.If a person has an attorney, that does not have to go come court. The person’s lawyer have the right to go on his behalf.

4. Violation of automobile Code 27315 VC and traffic school

Persons that obtain a ticket for not wearing a seat belt carry out not need to attend website traffic school. But, they deserve to volunteer to perform so.14

The benefits, though, can not be worth the time and also expense. If a driver choose to attend web traffic school, he must still salary his fine.15 Further, a benefit of traffic institution is the it most frequently removes any type of points native a person’s driving record. But, drivers and also passengers that violate VC 27315 will not enjoy this benefit since they perform not obtain points on your record.

Please additionally recall from section 2.0 that in lieu that a fine because that violating VC 27315, a court might order an offender come attend web traffic school. This is listed the school instructs top top the appropriate use of safety and security belts.

5. Driving or riding in a auto without a chair belt and also criminal charges

No criminal charges room filed if a human violates car Code 27315 VC. This is because it’s no a crime if a human being does no wear a seat belt.

Violations that VC 27315 room infractions under California law. Violators room not subject to incarceration or any other criminal penalties.

6. Skipping a ticket for violating VC 27315

Persons cannot neglect a ticket because that violating vehicle Code 27315 VC. Skipping a ticket method two things. These are:

The human may receive penalties because that violating VC 40508.

6.1. Violation of auto Code 40508 VC

Upon receiving a traffic ticket in California, the offender is obligated to authorize a composed promise to appear in court. He guarantees to appear on a details day in ~ a particular time.

If the driver willfully fails to appear together promised, that violates automobile Code 40508 VC.16 The driver willfully falls short to appear when he is willingly a no-show. That is not a defense if the driver did no intend to break the law.17

It also does not matter whether the offending driver is guilty or innocent of the underlying traffic citation.18 the violates automobile Code 40508 just by break a promise to:

Appear in court,Appear to pay bail,Pay bail in installments,Pay a fine within the time authorized, orComply with any kind of condition that the court.19

6.2. Penalties for violating VC 40508

Violation of car Code 40508 VC is a misdemeanor. The penalty are:

Up to 6 months in county jail, and/orA good of up to $1,000.20

7. Effect of no wearing a chair belt top top a personal injury lawsuit

The best means to define the impact of a human being in a passenger automobile not attract a seat belt top top a personal injury fit is to consider:

An hurt party suing the non-seat belt put on driver; and,The non-seat belt wearing human suing another party.

7.1. Hurt party suing a non-seat belt attract driver

A driver the is no wearing a chair belt can really well get affiliated in one accident and also injure another party. If the injured party later documents a lawsuit versus the driver, the driver might be discovered “negligent.”

California law specifies “negligence” together the failure to usage reasonable care to prevent injury to oneself or come others. About auto accidents, negligent vehicle drivers are at fault for the accident and also may need to pay for any type of damages caused.

Proving negligence in a an individual injury instance can sometimes be difficult. In California though, a driver is taken into consideration “negligent per se” if he violates a statute.

Negligence “per se” is a legal theory in i beg your pardon negligence is presumed based ~ above a defendant’s violation the a state or ordinance

This way a driver would certainly be negligent every se if he did not wear a seat belt when driving due to the fact that he would certainly be in violation of VC 27315.

7.2. Non-seat belt wearing person suing an additional party

Some human being mistakenly believe that a human not put on a seat belt cannot file a an individual injury lawsuit if pains in an auto accident. Violating automobile Code 27315 does no prohibit a driver or passenger indigenous suing an additional person if that human caused injury. But, no wearing a chair belt could reduce any kind of damage award the the suing party at some point receives.

California complies with comparative fault laws in mishaps in which motorists or passengers space negligent and also not wearing chair belts. To compare fault regulations are slightly technical. They basically average that if a human was partially at error in bring about injuries (because the was not wearing a chair belt), any kind of damage compensation recovered gets reduced based on the person’s level of fault.

For comparative error purposes, please note that a driver or passenger is not negligent simply by the mere act of violating auto Code 27315.21 Negligence must gain proven without regard come the violation.22

8. Legislations related to car Code 27315 VC

There are three laws related come VC 27315. This include:

California’s legislations on kid restraint systems, auto Code 27360;Safety belt/child restraint system use for youngsters ages 8-16, automobile Code 27360.5; and,Operating a motor auto that includes an unauthorized video screen, auto Code 27602.

8.1. California’s laws on son restraint systems, automobile Code 27360

California vehicle Code 27360 sets forth the main laws regarding car seats and also booster seat for kid passengers in California.

According come this section, a boy under the age of two need to ride in a rear-facing vehicle seat unless:

The child weighs more than 40 pounds; or,Is an ext than 40 inch tall.23

VC 27360 additionally states that kids under the age of 8 have to be secured in a auto seat or booster seat in the back seat of a vehicle. Auto occupants under 8 may not be front chair passengers.24

For both teams of children, the only authorized child safety and security seats that may be supplied are those that meet applicable federal motor car safety standards.25

The fine because that not using a kid restraint system is:

$100 because that the an initial violation; and,$250 for every violation thereafter.26

Please note that these quantities are basic fines. The actual fines space substantially higher since lock will include fees and penalty assessments.

Persons that violate VC 27360 will also receive one point on your DMV driving record.

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8.2. Safety and security belt/child restraint mechanism use for children ages 8-16, automobile Code 27360.5

VC 27360.5 states that a motorist driving v a boy in the vehicle, aged 8 or older yet less than 16, have to secure the boy in an proper child passenger restraint mechanism or security belt.27

A driver that violates automobile Code 27360.5 receives:

A good of $490.00; and,One point assessed come his DMV driving record.

8.3. Operating a motor automobile that has an unauthorized video clip screen, vehicle Code 27602

Under car Code 27602, it is unlawful for a person to journey a car if a television receiver, a video monitor, or a tv or video screen, is operating and is visible to the driver.28

Certain tools is exempted indigenous this law. VC 27602 claims that the ar does not apply to the adhering to equipment:

A automobile information display;A an international positioning display;A mapping display; and,A visual display used to improve the driver’s check out to the front, behind, or come the sides of a vehicle.29

Drivers the violate vehicle Code 27602 obtain two penalties. These are: